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Learn how to use SEO to rank your online content.

What is SEO And How Does SEO Work?

Learn what is SEO, and the answer to how does SEO work. If you want free organic traffic to your opportunity, then SEO is what you need to grow your business.

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How to Get On the First Page of Google – 6 Key Rules to Getting Found

You have a huge advantage over your competition when you know how to get on the first page of Google. I know when Bren and I learned the Google ranking rules and started to improve Google ranking for tough keywords in our niche, our website traffic significantly increased. Today I’m sharing what we learned about how to get higher on Google search so you can increase your website traffic.

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How to Get More Leads with Keywords for Google

Ever wonder how to get more leads for your online business? Getting your keywords for Google is only PART of the job. You also have to know how to maximize your effort. Check out my suggestions on how to get more leads for your online business using keywords for Google.

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