Business Trends & Predictions for 2019

“Business Trends & Predictions for 2019” written by Mike Marko.

It’s that time of year…

That time of year where were celebrate the holiday season, Christmas, and reflect on the past year.  It’s also a great time to start thinking about the new year.

Business trends dictate how you plan and strategize… although most people spend most of the year reacting to these trends and predictions (often jumping on board far too late).

Therefore one of the keys to success is to react quicker than anyone else…

This is why I take some time each year to just… think.

This year I’d like to share the business trends and predictions I believe will come true in 2019.

Maybe you’ll agree with these 2019 predictions.

Maybe you won’t.

Either way, take note now so you can act before everyone has a chance to react…

Forecasting 2019

Let’s get started with my predictions for the new year.

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1. The Cost of ATTENTION Will Skyrocket

Getting on your audience’s radar will continue to get harder and more expensive.  There are many reasons for this, but the main reasons include:

  1. The cost of advertising continues to increase (quickly, and by a lot). The big players are moving a lot more into platforms like Facebook, and Facebook can only support so much advertising without detracting from the user experience.
  2. The attention span of your customer is decreasing (due to all the “white noise”).
  3. Your competition is getting better at what they do.

This means it will cost you MORE money to gain their attention (either through paid or organic marketing).  Those who focus on building trust and intimacy that will win the war.

2. The Economy Will Crash

A big claim, I know… but I believe the economy will suffer in 2019.  There are enough indicators in the real estate market to support this.

Assuming it does, this will lead to a greater demand for Mentorship and Coaching.


Because as people struggle with their businesses, they will turn to “experts” to show them what to do next.

So although a downturn may seem like a bad thing for you and your business, the smartest entrepreneurs are those who will have their biggest years yet.

But only if you:

  • Focus on Brand Building RIGHT NOW (and building an engaged audience).
  • Focus on short-term tactics that maximizes profitability.

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3. Facebook Will Get Less and Less Effective

Facebook will still be relevant, but the engagement you saw the last couple years will continue to plummet in 2019!

Whether you focus on organic or paid (or both), and expect to see a lower ROI on your time and money.

  • More and more people have ad-blocking software.
  • People are deleting the Facebook App.
  • Your audience are “switching off” because there’s so much white noise.

Don’t get me wrong… As a platform, Facebook will remain valuable.

But you will REALLY need to know what you’re doing to make it work.  The days of following a few hacks and expecting big results… they are long gone!

4. Instagram, YouTube, Google Ads Will Become MUCH BIGGER.

While Facebook will be on the decline… On the flipside, advertising on Instagram, YouTube and Google will EXPLODE!  We have already seen the effects with our clients.

If you’re established and aligned on these platforms already, you’ll have a huge advantage over everyone else.

We have already seen the effects with our clients.  And the results are much better than I expected!

Facebook remains relevant, but these platforms are closing the gap quickly! In 2019, expect ad costs to remain low on these (for the time being), but for attention to get much higher.

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5. The Customer Journey Will Become Critical

Before and after the sale… your customer’s journey will decide your success.

How they find you, and what you present to them (organically and through paid ads) will become ever more important.

This has always been important, but with the competition around you these days it’s becoming absolutely critical as we move into 2019.

If you aren’t planning your customer journey in advance (before and after the sale) with the “right” triggers to ensure someone transitions from lead to customer the “right” way… it’s game over for you!

Plan your customer’s journey throughout, and give them an experience your competitors won’t.

6. Lifetime Value Should Mean Everything

Don’t think about just that first sale.  Plan to make that client a client for life.

If you don’t, forget about surviving 2019!

STOP worrying about:

  • The cost of a sales call,
  • The cost of each email and lead,
  • How much you will make in the next 30 days.

Focus on how much value you can give someone over the next few weeks.  Then how you can continue this long into the future.

The lifetime value of your customer is more important than their 30-day return. Don’t ever forget this!

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7. Brand Authority Will Increase in Value

There are too many “pretenders” these days, so people are switching off to the chatter.

But these same people still need help.

This means those who have established true authority within their industry will become more and more valued!

This means if you’re a master at what you do… prepare to get great results in 2019.

8. The Mainstream Marketing Techniques Will Die

The typical marketing that leads someone from a webinar to sales page is dead!  And just posting to social media to get customers will also die.  And just… well pretty much the all the old approaches are now are almost dead.

Your customer is much more savvy, and platform algorithms have changed too much.

You need a Local Marketing Approach that gives your audience the right content at the right time, in a way that builds trust, intimacy and rapport.

You need an approach that will help you look like the biggest fish in your pond.

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Final Thoughts on My Business Trends and Predictions for 2019

Today I talked about where I see marketing going in the coming new year.  As we create our goals and vision for the year ahead for our clients, this is what we’re focusing on.

Maybe you only agree with some of these business trends, maybe you agree with most.

Either way, think about your predictions for the year ahead, and ACT on them long before your competitors do.

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Business Trends & Predictions for 2019 - Mike Marko

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