Be Like the Successful Business Leaders on Twitter

Be Like the Successful Business Leaders on Twitter

“Be Like the Successful Business Leaders on Twitter” written by Mike Marko.

Inspired to become one of the successful business leaders on Twitter?

Many of the world’s most successful business leaders have an account on Twitter. But unlike their business’s Twitter profile, they are using their personal Twitter to connect and engage with their followers.

Following the steps of successful business leaders on Twitter is a matter of adopting their social media habits.

You never know how much knowledge you can gain by following these successful people on Twitter. Learning their ways can help you lead your business to success.
In this article, we will get to know some of the successful business leaders on Twitter and what helpful insights you can expect from each and every one of them!

Successful Business Leaders on Twitter and their Habits

Rather than showcasing their professional side, business leaders on Twitter show their human side that’s often not seen in public. Some of them are just having fun on Twitter while others are inspiring their followers to pursue their goals.

If you want to follow the footsteps of successful business leaders on Twitter, you must be interested to know what their Twitter habits are.

Business Leaders On Twitter - What Is A Business LeaderWhat is a Business Leader

A business leader is more than just an ordinary businessman who runs or leads a company. A business leader is an influential individual who leads commercial or industrial businesses. Usually, they are the owner or an executive of well-established companies.

While business leaders are avid users of Twitter, their main purpose of doing so is not to market their business. Rather, they are utilising it to inspire the public to become more motivated and competitive in reaching their goals.

Below, we will discuss the 5 habits of victorious business leaders on Twitter.

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5 Habits of Victorious Business Leaders on Twitter

Anyone has the potential to be a victorious business leader on Twitter. But before you consider yourself as one of them, you need to act like them.

As a business leader, you must be aware that you shouldn’t do anything that would damage your business image. Here are the common habits that a successful business leader should have.

Business Leaders On Twitter - Be Your Brand_s Conscience1. Be Your Brand’s Conscience

People greatly value the principles of a certain company. Most often, people stay loyal to a brand for the principles that they discern based on how the business runs and establishes their brand.

The more consumers relate to the values of your brand, the more they will showcase their loyalty towards it. It is therefore important for you, as a business leader, to represent your brand and exude the values it is known for.

Business Leaders On Twitter - Share Not Sell2. Share on Twitter, Not Sell

As a business leader, your main goal for using Twitter is to connect or engage with your followers – not to advertise.

Consider engaging with your followers through conversations in a personal way. Don’t hesitate to tweet about your corporate culture and allow followers to see behind the scenes of your business. This will make them feel special and part of an exclusive group.

3. Talk about Who You Are

You should let your followers feel and see humanity in your tweets. Your followers must see who you are as a person in your Twitter account. As much as possible, avoid letting your staff or secretary compose your tweets for you.

Show your followers that behind your corporate title is a human being who’s also doing what a normal person does. Talk about your favorite pizza or how much you enjoy spending time with family.

Let your followers relate to you on a personal level through your occasional tweets about some activities on your personal life.

Business Leaders On Twitter - Good Grammar

4. Compose Tweets with Good Grammar

Maintain your professionalism on Twitter is crucial. As a business leader, it is vital that you represent the company in your Tweets. Therefore, delivering your message clearly and eloquently is vital.

Good communication can be easily achieved if your tweets have good grammar. This makes them understandable. With that, proofread your tweets before posting them.

5. Commit to Tweeting Often

Just like any other business-related Twitter accounts, make a habit of tweeting frequently. Regardless of your schedule, consider tweeting a few times a day and at least a few days in a week.

Given the fact that Twitter deals with real-time information, it is easy for tweets to get lost amongst the noise. Tweeting frequently increases the possibility of your tweets being read by your followers.

An inactive account leaves a bad impression so consider building a community where you’re familiar with your followers. Followers also have the tendency to interact with your tweets more if they notice that you are constantly tweeting and replying to their tweets.

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Five of the Most Likeable Business Leaders on Twitter

If you’re looking for people that exemplify the very image of a successful business leader on Twitter, check out these likeable business leaders on Twitter.

1. Marissa Mayer (@marissamayer)

She is the former chief executive officer of Yahoo!

Marissa Mayer is the president and CEO of Yahoo! from July 2012 until January 2017. She often tweets about the latest happenings and news about Yahoo!

2. Mark Bertolini (@mtbert)

Mark Bertolini is currently the chief executive officer & chairman of Aetna. Aetna is an American managed health care company which sells traditional and consumer-directed health care insurance plans and related services.

Mark Bertolini often tweets content about the healthcare industry and takes a global leadership perspective.

Aside from news and information related to his company, he also uses Twitter to listen to his followers’ point of views.

3. Scott Monty (@ScottMonty)

Scott Monty is the Global Head of Ford’s social media. He currently has an active blog about marketing and social media. Since his job is related to online marketing, expect him to be very engaged with his followers.

To become a great business leader, adopt his habit of consistently responding and engaging with all of his Twitter followers.Take note of his tweets and see if you can apply his methods to your own Twitter marketing strategy.

4. Micky Arison (@MickyArison)

Micky Arison is the chairman of Carnival Corporation and owner of Miami Heat. Both of his businesses are world famous: Carnival Corporation is the world’s largest cruise ship while Miami Heat is one of the hottest teams in NBA. He frequently tweets about exclusive content and behind-the-scenes of his company’s latest news.

So if you’re a basketball fan or an NBA fan, he is the number one business leader to follow on Twitter for you!

5. Karen Quintos (@KarenDellCMO)

Karen Quintos is the chief marketing officer of Dell.

Karen often tweets about technology and personal growth-topics across the social web.

So if you’re techy and you want to be updated on tech news, you should follow her. She is devoted to her passion for helping people to achieve their growth.

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Final Thoughts on the Successful Business Leaders on Twitter

In this post, we tackled the essential habits of victorious business leaders on Twitter and some accounts of business leaders on Twitter you should follow. We also discussed the definition of a business leader.

Many of the world’s most successful business leaders have an account on Twitter. Unlike their business’s Twitter account, they are using Twitter to connect and engage with their followers.

So if you’re planning to be one of them, you need to adopt some of their habits such as being their company’s conscience.

If you’re using Twitter, just be who you are and have fun. Connect with your followers personally and show your human side. However, avoid doing things that could affect the image of your business such as making tweets with bad grammar. That could be the worst reason for people to unfollow you.

If you have any more concerns about the successful business leaders on Twitter that you can follow, feel free to leave it in the comments section below.

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