Improving Business with Free Facebook Advertising Tools

Improving Business with Free Facebook Advertising Tools

“Improving Business with Free Facebook Advertising Tools” written by Mike Marko.

Do you know about free Facebook advertising tools?

Not all business owners have the money to use paid utilities to boost their Facebook advertising. That’s why they’re always on the lookout for no-cost, high-efficiency alternatives.

Fortunately, there are a lot of free Facebook advertising tools these days. In fact, there are so many of them now that you may find yourself overwhelmed just from the selection!

Luckily for you, I’ve been using free Facebook advertising tools for a while. I can show you which ones have worked best for me and my clients.

So in this blog post, I’ll talk about free Facebook advertising tools. Can these tools help you improve your advertising campaign? Let’s find out!

List of Free Facebook Advertising Tools

Before anything else, let me ask you this. Have you ever considered using tools in your advertisement campaign before?

If not, then you’re missing out!

Today, there are dozens of free Facebook advertising tools that can help you achieve your business goals.

There are even some advertising tools that offer paid versions. These paid versions usually have additional features that can further boost your advertisements.

But in most cases, you won’t need to switch to premium versions of free Facebook advertising tools just to get something out of them. Even the free versions have a lot of use… as you’ll see from the list I’ve compiled.

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This first free Facebook advertising tool keeps a steady stream of content on your page. DrumUp does this by identifying content from the Internet that your audience will engage in.

The sharable content that DrumUp finds will then be ranked and queued to be posted on your page.

So, how does this free Facebook advertising tool work? Firstly, this tool needs keywords to find relevant content.

You can choose a keyword that you feel is closely related to your business. With that keyword, DrumUp can then list content for you to choose from.

Once you’ve chosen a link, you can add it to a queue. DrumUp will then offer the best time to post the content.

You can always follow DrumUp’s computer-generated suggestions. On the other hand, you can also personalize the post by adding comments or adjusting the date and time of publication.

DrumUp also helps make content more searchable by suggesting hashtags to go with a post. And if you think the content deserves more attention, you can set it up to be posted again.

If you choose not to look for content on the Internet, you can also share your own content with this tool.

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Facebook Audience Insight

This next free Facebook advertising tool is used to get data about Facebook growth. This is because Facebook Audience Insight gives you important information to help you focus your ad campaign.

The information includes how many people in your area are interested in your advertisement. You can also view data about these:

  • The annual income of your audience.
  • The purchasing behavior of your audience.
  • The Facebook activity of your audience.

You can use this information to diagnose problems in your advertisements so you can improve them.


This next free Facebook advertising tool works like Facebook Analytics and Facebook Audience Insight. However, Likealyzer has its own unique perks.

All you need to do is to input your URL in order to get your Facebook assessment. This tool can then offer actionable options in order to boost your performance.

Likealyzer can provide analysis for the following:

  • Average posts per day.
  • Likes, comments & shares per post.
  • Posts per type.
  • Timing.
  • Length of posts.
  • Curiosity.
  • Hashtags.

Likealyzer doesn’t just give you a summary report of your data. This tool can also provide notes that can show you how to improve your overall statistics.

For example, Likealyzer can provide solutions if you’re performing poorly on the “curiosity” of your posts. In this case, this free Facebook advertising tool will suggest that you should ask more questions in your posts.

Note too that this tool isn’t just for providing a diagnosis of your own Facebook advertising. Likealyzer can also show how you compare against competitors or similar brands.

With this kind of information, you can work on advertising better than similar brands.

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When advertising, visual media like images are very important. This is because they serve a two-fold purpose. That is, they catch the eye as well as provide information.

This is why our next free Facebook advertising tool focuses on images. With Canva, you can create custom images to use on your Facebook posts.

Canva offers customizable templates that are perfectly sized for advertisements. This means that your customized images won’t be cropped awkwardly on your followers’ Facebook newsfeeds.

Customizing the images is also easy since everything can be dragged and dropped. You can have advertisable images in minutes with just a few clicks!

Canva also offers tips and tutorials if you aren’t confident with your design skill. There are also pre-designed images that you can adjust to suit your business.

Facebook Power Editor

How about Facebook advertisers that handle multiple advertisements? Don’t worry—there’s a free Facebook advertising tool for you too.

Facebook Power Editor is for advertisers who can barely keep up with multiple campaigns. This is because this tool focuses on building and duplicating campaigns and ads.

With this tool, you can say goodbye to Facebook’s limited interface. That’s because this free Facebook advertising tool also allows you to edit all of your ad sets in one window.

This helps set out multiple-set ads in a short amount of time. You can even keep better track of duplicate campaigns.

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Headline Analyzer

So far, we’ve listed free Facebook advertising tools for content sharing and even image creation. But what if you need help creating good headlines?

The free Facebook advertising tool “Headline Analyzer” might be what you’re looking for. That’s because this tool can help you create eye-catching titles.

Headline Analyzer works by predicting what headlines work best with your audience. It can then suggest the best headlines for you to use.

Do you already have a headline in mind? If you do, you can input it in the Headline Analyzer to check its score.

This free Facebook advertising tool can also offer tips on how to make better headlines. This way, you can get recommended headlines while also learning how to make your own.

Timeline Contest Manager

Other than compelling headlines and campaigns, contests on Facebook can also generate a lot of engagement. This is where this free Facebook advertising tool comes in handy.

With Timeline Contest Manager, you can organize multiple contests faster and better. It will no longer take hours just to set up a contest or choose a winner.

So, how does this free Facebook advertising tool work? First, it asks you for a post that announces a contest.

Then, you will have to identify what type of contest it should run. After that, this tool will then help pick out winners based on the criteria that you specify.


Now, we’re going to cover free Facebook advertising tools that have both free and paid versions.

It might seem like free versions are only trial versions. However, even the free version can improve your advertisements.

Our first example is AdSpringr. This free Facebook advertising tool can increase the scale, performance, and ROI of your Facebook ad campaigns.

That’s all possible because of the services that they’re offering:

  • Creation of the ads,
  • Optimization,
  • Analysis and reporting, and
  • Targeting.

This free Facebook advertising tool is often used by agencies that handle multiple ad campaigns. But even if you use this free Facebook advertising tool for personal marketing campaigns, it can help you save time and create more income.

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Hootsuite Ads

Another example of free Facebook advertising tools that have a paid version is Hootsuite Ads. This tool is one of the most used tools for scheduling updates.

This free Facebook advertising tool is widely known because it provides a wide range of services. It’s mostly famous for being able to create ads in just two clicks.

It can also automatically scan your Facebook Page to help you choose the best posts that can promote your business.

This free Facebook advertising tool’s efficiency-boosting services are helpful because it can help you manage your time. Instead of sacrificing too much time on ads, you can focus on business-building.


This last free Facebook advertising tool is similar to Facebook Power Editor. However, AdStage actually has a paid version as well.

Just like Facebook Power Editor, this free Facebook advertising tool allows you to advertise on multiple social platforms. That means that it can be used even outside of Facebook!

AdStage will help you automate your ad campaigns and put them on autopilot with rules and alerts. That way, you can save time preparing the ads while also saving time checking your performance.

This free Facebook advertising tool even has a user-friendly interface that resembles a dashboard. This means you don’t have to worry about figuring out how it works.

Final Thoughts on Free Facebook advertising Tools

In this blog post, I talked about free Facebook advertising tools.

When you’re advertising your business on Facebook, it’s important to ensure that you’re going to get good ROI. To do that, consider using advertising tools because they can help you optimize your ads.

Most online marketing and advertising tools require payment before you can use all of their features. However, some also have free versions such as Hootsuite, AdSpringr, AdStage, and Facebook Audience Insight.

There are also tools that don’t require payment at all. Examples are DrumUp and Likealyzer. If these are what you want, I’ve provided links to them above. This post should have given you all the free Facebook advertising tools you need for a low-cost Facebook ad campaign.

If you have more questions about free Facebook advertising tools, leave them in the comments below.

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Improving Business with Free Facebook Advertising Tools - Mike Marko

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