5 Business Development LinkedIn Tips You Should Use

5 Business Development LinkedIn Tips You Should Use - business development LinkedIn

“5 Business Development LinkedIn Tips You Should Use” written by Mike Marko.

Business development LinkedIn strategies are more useful than ever nowadays. This is because LinkedIn has become one of the most important social media platforms for business.

Not only is it big for B2B marketing, but it’s also a great place to establish your brand’s legitimacy and professionalism. Using LinkedIn, you can do both and more, like gain added insight on the competition.

How can you do that? That’s actually what I’m here to show you today.

In this blog post, I’ll talk about business development LinkedIn tips for business. Along with that, I’ll give examples of brands that illustrate just how to execute these business development LinkedIn tips.

Use LinkedIn for Your Business

LinkedIn works much like other social media platforms in many ways. It lets you find others, publish content, and generally act as part of a community online.

The main difference that sets it apart from the other platforms is that it’s used chiefly by professionals.

Since it’s used mostly by professionals, you can expect the engagement and interactions on it to be different.

LinkedIn marketing tends to be more aggressive, for instance. Most of its users are marketing on it themselves, so they’re more tolerant of others doing the same.

That means you can risk marketing attempts on LinkedIn that you might not be able to do elsewhere.

That’s just one of the many business development LinkedIn tips I have. Want to learn more of them?

Then let’s start with the first of my top business development LinkedIn tips.

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1) Use It to Grow Your Network

One of the best advantages of LinkedIn for business is that it can help you grow your business network. After all, LinkedIn is a social media platform that focuses on professional networking.

You probably already know that businesses use LinkedIn to keep in touch with vendors, clients, and partners.

But did you know that you can also use it to make new connections? In fact, using it for that is one of my top business development LinkedIn tips.

A Base for Professionals

There’s a reason it’s constantly listed as the top marketing channel for B2B (business to business). One of the advantages of LinkedIn is that it’s populated by current and future decision-makers.

So if your target market is made up of such professionals or if you’re hoping to create a partnership with such people, LinkedIn is a great platform to use for that.

Not only that, but you can also find competent professional employees to help with your business development LinkedIn strategy. In fact, a lot of businesses use LinkedIn primarily for recruitment.

A perfect example of this is AppleOne.

AppleOne and Establishing an Employer Brand on LinkedIn

AppleOne’s LinkedIn page helps them attract employees by giving them solid employer branding — a big factor in whether or not candidates are likely to apply for jobs.

LinkedIn is one of the top places for establishing an employer brand. That’s why what AppleOne does on it is so worthy of notice for companies looking to recruit talent.

The description of AppleOne’s LinkedIn page explains how they differ from their competitors. They differentiate themselves by using a good vision and mission statement.

According to their description, AppleOne treats their potential employees like clients. This helps them get the attention of high-quality employees.

The reason for this is that most employees want to be appreciated. They will be more than willing to work in a company that’s giving them value.

Connecting with the best employees is just one of the many business development LinkedIn tips I can give you. But this alone can benefit your company in a lot of ways.

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2) Use It to Stay in Touch with your Customers

As I said earlier, another of the advantages of LinkedIn for business is that it helps you keep in touch with your customers. It allows you to have direct contact with your customers using timeline posts and direct messages.

If you’re using LinkedIn, be sure to communicate with your target audience. This is another of my top business development LinkedIn tips.

Customers appreciate it when a business is responding to their concerns and feedback. It can gain you their trust and loyalty.

Your target audience might also refer you to their friends, relatives, or friends if they trust your business. Some of these new prospects may even use the platform to get in touch with you.

This is one of the best business development LinkedIn tips because there are so many ways to realize it. As I said, you can use LinkedIn’s direct messaging, content publishing system, and more.

Want an example of it in action? Just look at the LinkedIn company page for Mashable.

They are one of the companies that use LinkedIn to stay in touch with customers. Their company page was also named one of the best LinkedIn company pages of 2013.

They connect and interact with their target customers using how-to content. How-to content is one of the best ways to connect to your audience because it gathers a lot of engagement.

In Mashable’s case, it certainly achieves that. That’s because the content serves as part of a conversation between them and their customers — it answers questions their audience is asking or has asked them.

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3) Use It to Spy on Your Competitors

Spying on your competitors is one of the business development LinkedIn tips that you can’t miss. In fact, it’s a vital part of LinkedIn marketing.

Apart from you, there are other businesses owners who are also using LinkedIn. So chances are, your competitors are also present here.

That’s why you should take the opportunity to look for them on the platform and observe them.

You can even use the data you gain this way to make the most of the other business development LinkedIn tips in this list.

Using Competitor Data to Strategize

Using LinkedIn gives you the chance to find out what rivals are doing, how they’re running their social media marketing campaigns, and what they offer to customers.

You can use that as a guide to what you yourself do on LinkedIn. Craft responses to their marketing strategies, create better content than theirs, and fill needs they don’t serve.

Basically, spying on your competitors allows you to gather information about them. You can use that information to try to be better than them, which is a key business development LinkedIn tip.

Putting It into Practice

We don’t have to look too far for an illustration of this entry in my list of business development LinkedIn tips. I myself spy on my competitors on LinkedIn to see how to structure my LinkedIn marketing strategies.

I check the flaws in their online marketing campaigns so I can avoid them, for instance. This allows me to create a better online marketing campaign for my own business.

That’s why I added spying on competitors to my list of business development LinkedIn tips.

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4) Use It to Keep up with Industry Trends and Data

Keeping up with industry trends is another of the business development LinkedIn tips that can help you.

Since LinkedIn is used mainly by professionals, using it can help you stay abreast of trends or developments in your field. You just have to keep an eye on the content being published in it for your niche.

LinkedIn can also  give you full, in-depth information on your industry. That makes this one of the best business development LinkedIn tips.

Using LinkedIn lets you see the average age of persons in your industry, how large your industry is compared to others, and its growth compared to others.

You can use the statistics you gathered to target the right audience for your business. You can also use them to develop the right content and marketing strategy.

Let’s look at 2 brands showing a great way to reap this benefit of the platform.


L’Oréal’s company’s page on LinkedIn helps them keep up with the trends in their industry.

Their company has different products and entities. Each of its subsidiaries has a Showcase page.

L’Oréal’s Showcase pages gather engagement from different types of consumers. This gives them an idea of the trends they should be catering to in their niche.


The LinkedIn page of Coca-Cola does almost the same thing. They use their LinkedIn to get information about their target audience and industry.

The current Editor-in-Chief of the Coca Cola Journey has noted in the past that the platform drives significant traffic for them. To this day, Coca-Cola often posts content on its LinkedIn page to get that traffic.

They get higher click-through rates from LinkedIn compared to other social media platforms like Facebook.

The engagement they get from LinkedIn gives them an idea of what their potential and existing consumers are thinking. It also gives them ideas for new business innovations to improve their business.

Clearly, the advantages of LinkedIn will benefit different kinds of business.

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5) Use It to Increase your Online Reviews

Now I just want to remind you quickly that there are a lot of other great business development LinkedIn tips. I can’t include them all in this blog post, as I said earlier.

I only included the most important business development LinkedIn tips.

So for the last item on this blog post, I chose this. You can use LinkedIn to increase your online reviews.

For business owners, customer reviews are very important. This helps them get more customers.

Customer reviews establish the reliability of your brand. So if you’re looking for a way to increase the number of your online reviews, LinkedIn may be of help.

Using LinkedIn is a great way to build the number of your reviews you have for your business. That’s because LinkedIn allows you to recommend other people and give them referrals, and they can do the same for you.

If people search for your industry, products, or services, they’ll first look at the reviews other people have provided for your business.

Since LinkedIn pages generally get a high page ranking in search engines, users can still find those reviews even if they’re not from LinkedIn.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts show us a great way to get this advantage of LinkedIn. Their LinkedIn page gathers a lot of reviews.

This benefits their business. People usually look for online reviews of a hotel before they book a room, after all.

Final Thoughts on Business Development LinkedIn Tips

In this blog post, I talked about business development LinkedIn tips.

These should have made clear that you should consider using LinkedIn for your business. This social media platform can give you a competitive edge in so many ways.

Again, here are the business development LinkedIn tips that I went over:

  • It allows you to grow your network.
  • It allows you to connect with your target market.
  • It allows you to spy on your competitors.
  • It allows you to keep up with industry trends and data.
  • It allows you to increase your online reviews.

All of these are clearly benefits that most businesses could use. If you have more questions about business development LinkedIn tips, leave them in the comments below.

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