Easy Tips for Building Your Brand on Instagram

Easy Tips for Building Your Brand on Instagram

“Easy Tips for Building Your Brand on Instagram” written by Mike Marko.

Do you need help building your brand on Instagram?

As of late 2018, 80% of Instagram users follow a business account on the network. That means building your brand on Instagram can be as effective as doing it on other social media giants like Facebook and Twitter.

However, for this to work, you need to know how you can effectively market your business on Instagram.

Not everyone knows how to do that. It’s partly because of Instagram’s unique focus on visuals. How are you going to start building your brand on Instagram with just photos and videos? What if you’re used to having text as a marketing medium?

Well, don’t worry about that. In today’s blog post, I’ll be sharing easy but effective tips for building your brand on Instagram.

Make Your Brand Thrive on Instagram

Before we talk about building your brand on Instagram, let’s talk about why you need to do it. It’s because brands on Instagram actually see more engagement than on other social media platforms, among many other Instagram advantages.

Statistics show that users engage with brands on Instagram 10 times more than they do on Facebook. Now that’s a significant amount of audience interaction that you’d want to have… especially if you want to get people talking about your brand.

All of this tells you why it’s smart to start building your brand on Instagram. You can begin doing that by coming up with a solid Instagram strategy.

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Have a Concrete Instagram Strategy

Marketing on any social media platform requires a good strategy. This is to make sure that you don’t fumble in the dark while building your brand on Instagram.

To start things off, you need to clearly identify your target audience. Every business has its own buyer persona, right?

For example, you should make your style clear if you’re in the fashion industry. Are you selling clothes for people who prefer a chic or boho look?

Once you’ve identified your target audience, it’s easier to create an image for your brand. You’d want to have a tone and voice that your target audience can relate to. This is so you can connect with them easily.

Developing a strategy for building your brand on Instagram isn’t just about researching your target customers either. You should also do research on your competitors. Doing this can help you see what you can do better than them.

As part of your own strategy for building your brand on Instagram, you should learn from your competitors’ mistakes. At the same time, you should be learning from their successes — and emulating or even bettering them.

Another thing to note is that Instagram thrives on photos and videos. It should be part of your strategy to invest in professional photographers who can deliver high-quality content.

Finally, you should have a plan in place for tracking your progress. This is so you can keep improving your strategy for building your brand on Instagram. If you can learn from your competitors, then you can learn from yourself too.

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Have a Consistent Style for Content

Now, if you think about Instagram, you most likely think first of Instagram feeds that have eye-catching themes. That’s because Instagrammers are known to thrive on aesthetics.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to suit your style to your Instagram name. For example, you could go for a soft and warm theme if your business involves baked desserts.

Choosing a style that works with your type of business can help in building your brand on Instagram. This is because your theme can give your brand a sense of personality, while also making your account visually appealing.

Aesthetic aspects such as having a color palette that suits the personality of your business can also help. The more eye-catching it is, the better!

You should also remember that all your posts should follow a structure. This is part of building your brand on Instagram because it helps establish your identity.

Basically, be consistent in the style and layout of your posts. This includes having contact details for your business at the end of an image’s caption.

Don’t flood your followers with walls of text, though! Minimalistic content, such as shorter captions, can attract more users to read what your content has to offer.

Remember that Instagram is more about pictures than words, after all. You should focus on the media favored by the platform itself when building your brand on Instagram.

Properly Use Hashtags

Similar to Twitter, Instagram also has hashtags that can help users find posts that they want to see.

For example, you can add the hashtag #icedcoffee to a post with an image of a cold, blended coffee drink. Then, users seeking posts about cold coffee drinks can see it if they run a search for that hashtag.

This means that hashtags can help you with building your brand on Instagram even among people who aren’t following you on the network. As long as your posts have the hashtag they’re seeking, these users will have a chance to find them.

But you shouldn’t blindly throw in hashtags for the sake of having them. You should always use hashtags that are related to your business.

For example, clothing businesses should use hashtags that relate to types of clothing. This could mean simply using “#swimsuits” or even using “#summerfashion” if you’re promoting clothes for the current season.

But you can also use hashtags more often employed by the people you’re trying to reach. For instance, a clothing business could use the famous “#OOTD” (outfit of the day). This will definitely get a post attention from people interested in fashion.

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Make Use of Instagram Stories

Now, let’s talk about Instagram Stories. These are the short photo or video previews that are only available for users to watch within 24 hours of their release.

An important thing to note here is that Instagram Stories always appear at the top of a user’s homepage. Why does that matter? Because that makes them very easy to find.

When building your brand on Instagram, you want to make sure your brand and content are always that.

You can use Instagram Stories for announcements about your business that you don’t want to permanently post on your profile. These announcements could be flash sales or even seasonal greetings.

Instagram Stories can also help you give your business more personality. You can do this by posting photos or videos of your employees like a behind-the-scenes sneak peek!

These Instagram Stories can also build connections with your audience. This is because replies to Instagram Stories are delivered as personal messages.

Why is this important? Well, part of building your brand on Instagram is building a community around it too. Bonding with your followers is another way to gain their patronage.

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Partner up with Instagram Influencers

Finally, let’s talk about getting promotion on Instagram. Since you’re building your brand on Instagram, you’ll need all the publicity that you can get.

Instagram influencers can help you out with that. As on any other social media platform, influencers can get the word out about your business to their own audiences.

Influencers are people with a lot of followers on a social network. They usually have a specific niche. For example, an influencer in the entertainment niche isn’t likely to be one in the finance niche.

Essentially, you want to partner up with influencers in your niche or industry. For example, you should team up with a make-up guru to promote make-up products.

Persuade influencers to promote your brand or content. They can use their own posts or Instagram Stories in order to talk about your brand. They can also mention your business profile in order to lead their followers to you.

They can even share their own experience with your brand to their followers. You can think of this as having a well-known Instagrammer vouching for you and your business.

Some influencers will ask for compensation in exchange for this assistance. But there are also some who will offer promotional help without direct payment.

In the latter case, all they usually ask is that you return the favor. In other words, they’ll ask you to share their posts using your own Instagram account.

Either way, partnerships with influencers are essential for building a brand on Instagram. They can supercharge your promotions and even help you reach users you might never have access to otherwise.

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Final Thoughts on Building Your Brand on Instagram

In this blog post, I’ve shared with you easy tips to remember when building your brand on Instagram.

Instagram’s photo and video style may seem tricky at first. However, a concrete Instagram marketing strategy is all you need to get the hang of it.

It’s also important to carefully monitor your content. Make sure that your posts are consistent in representing your brand and easy to find using hashtags.

Your content consists of more than regular posts, though. You can also use Instagram stories to post content that you don’t want on your Instagram feed. These Instagram stories are easy to find too, so make sure to use them for content such as announcements.

Finally, it never hurts to get additional promotions from influential Instagrammers. If they’re influential in the same field as your business, then their followers can become potential customers.

This should be enough to get you started on building your brand on Instagram. But if you still have questions about building your brand on Instagram, feel free to contact me or leave a comment!

You can also check the answers to Instagram FAQs here.

If you need help in social media marketing, feel free to contact me or check out our wide array of services. And if you have more questions about Instagram marketing, let me know in a comment below.

And always keep in mind… have fun!

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Easy Tips for Building Your Brand on Instagram - Mike Marko

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