Using and Building a Facebook Fan Page (Now Facebook Business Page)

Using and Building a Facebook Fan Page (Now Facebook Business Page).

Facebook is one of my favorite resources for spreading the word, and building your tribe of followers.

In a previous blog post we talked about 3 Ways to Create an Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy. I am going to take this a step further and talk about tips for creating your Facebook Business Page (used to be called Facebook Fan Page).

Building a Facebook Fan Page

A while ago Facebook changes the name of a Facebook Fanpage to Facebook Business Page, but people still call them a Facebook Fanpage.

Ok, believe it or not I don’t recommend building a Facebook Fans Page unless you plan to pay for advertising. Relatively recently, Facebook changed the way FanPages are shown in people’s feeds and now maybe only 15% of your fans see any one post. This is Facebook’s way of *encouraging* you to pay to Boost your post so that more of your followers see your post.

While I understand why Facebook does this (it is a public company now which has to answer to shareholders), it is why I recommend NOT having a Facebook Fan Page unless you plan to use Facebook PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. Otherwise you are wasting your time.

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Benefits of Your Facebook Fans Page

So you decided to have a Facebook Fan Page either because you want to use Facebook PPC, or you are just stubborn and want to have your own Fan Page. 😉

In addition to being able to use Facebook’s PPC, one of the main benefits of having a Facebook Fan Page, or Facebook Business Page, is that you have access to page insights that you would otherwise not have access to if you used your personal profile. You get the statistics of why looked at your posts, the amount of page engagement, etc. This can be interesting stuff when you are trying to experiment with what type of posts get the most interaction.

You also get the ability to drive fans to your page. When you use targeted advertising you can create a Facebook Fan Page that will engage with your content and your page.

Starting Your Facebook Fan Page

Building your Facebook Fanpage is very much similar to building your personal page. You add a profile picture, background banner, and information about your “business”. You don’t have to pitch things in a business page… in fact I recommend against pitching your opportunities in your fanpage. The reason is that you want to build a following of loyal followers. So use your Facebook Fan Page to attract even more people to you. The people following your FanPage are almost like a having an email list… for free.

Posting To Your Fan Facebook Page

You should post to your Facebook Fan Page (and personal page) throughout the day, and try between 5 to 7 posts per day. A great advantage of a Fan Facebook Page is that you can schedule when the posts will show up. So if you are expecting a busy day… heck even a busy week… you can get your posts ready ahead of time so you appear to always be there.

Now don’t make all your posts all at once. Remember that people visit Facebook at different times during the day, and they often have a lot of things in their feed. Not only do you have to content with people’s viewing schedule, but we are marketing to an entire globe so you have different time zones to content with. Therefore if you want to a chance to reaching all your followers you need to make sure that spread your posting out.

Your postings to your Facebook Fan Page need to have different types of content, and at least 80% of your posts need to be value added or entertaining. At most 20% should be promoting your business opportunity. Bren and I like to have 40-60% of our posts be inspirational and motivational, and at least 25% of our posts are links to our blog posts or videos. You also need to make sure that you include calls to action to tell your followers to like, share, or comment on your posts. The more engagement you have with your posts then the more likely Facebook will share your page content with your followers (or Friends on your personal profile).

Wrap Up

There you have it… how to get started using a Facebook Fans Page, or Facebook Business Page as it’s now called. If you want to get into Facebook PPC, you need to start building up content to your page as soon as possible. That way when people visit your page after seeing one of your advertisements they will see that you have been for around for a while (which gives you credibility).
Happy Facebooking!

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Article:  Using and Building a Facebook Fan Page (Now Facebook Business Page)