My Breakfast Salad

“My Breakfast Salad” written by Guest Contributor.

I make this everyday. It gives me amazing energy.

Breakfast Salad

Raw vegetables cut into large chunks

I prefer spinach, carrots, lightly steamed broccoli or brussel sprouts, beets, kale, celery, cucumber, and parsley. It can be anything you like really.

Avacado I just scoop out about a tablespoon or two.

Mung bean sprouts You can get these at whole foods in the bulk section. Just soak for a few hours and then rinse every day until they sprout.

Breakfast Salad

Black beans I prefer the dried beans. They are really easy to cook and are less mushy, salty and more nutritious than the canned. I make enough to last a few days. I use about 1/4 cup at a time.

Ginger root I usually use about a dime size chunk, but that might be too much for some.

Lemon juice I just squeeze about a tablespoon or two of the juice from a fresh lemon.

Cayenne pepper  Just a sprinkle across the top

Braggs Liguid Aminos– This stuff is like liquid gold. It’s healthy and adds a great flavor to anything. You can start with about 1/2 teaspoon and add more to your preference.



Just put everything in a small food processor and pulse a few times until everything is pea sized and enjoy.


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Article:  My Breakfast Salad

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