Brand Yourself Not Your Business Opportunity

Brand Yourself Not Your Business Opportunity.

I see this all the time: people promote their latest biz opportunity (or opportunities separately) by sending me their affiliate link.

They don’t try to build a relationship.

They don’t try to figure out what my needs are.

They are just looking for someone to sign up.

The problem is that this rarely works well.  You need to build that relationship of trust before many people will buy. I talk about the important of taking the time to brand yourself in my video below.

VIDEO: Brand Yourself Not Your Business Opportunity

The Advantages Taking the Time to Brand Yourself Instead

There are many advantages to branding yourself but the key ones include:

So take the time to brand yourself by creating a blog and doing regular blog posts, creating videos, and/or doing pod casts.  By regularly providing content  you build up a fan base that will follow you and purchase whatever opportunities you are trying to promote.

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Article:  Brand Yourself Not Your Business Opportunity

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