Blog Daily and Create An Online Identity – Starting a Blog

Blog Daily and Create An Online Identity – Starting a Blog

The number one way to create an online presence is to blog every day.  This could seem intimidating, but really it is quite simple once you get into the rhythm of writing every day.  There are things to keep in mind when starting a blog.

Be Yourself When Starting a Blog

Be yourself when you blog.  One of the reasons you blog every day is actually to discover your own blogging style.  Don’t over analyze your initial writings.  Instead just write what comes to mind and what you want to share.  Don’t be self-conscious about what you write.  Over time your writing will develop so that you create your voice online.

You will probably not make money right away blogging… and that is not the point of writing every day.  Instead you will develop your voice.

Don’t worry that not everyone will like what you are writing.  You will never make everyone happy.  Instead be yourself in your writing and you will attract like-minded people to your blog.  If you are a Packers fan and talk about your favorite team, you will probably not be appealing to non-Packers fans but you will instead have greater appear to those who follow the team.

Being yourself will help create a unique blog that will attract a following… fans.

Be Positive

Talk about things in a positive manner.  Don’t complain, be negative, or have dark topics… unless those are the types of customers you want to sell to.  You will attract customers based on the tone and content of your blog.  If you focus on poverty and helplessness, you will attract people who can associate with it: the problem is that you will have a harder type selling to people with that mindset.

Like attracts like, so try and develop content to attract people you want to market to.  It is a good idea to determine your customer avatar, or what you typical customer may be, and then slant your content in the direction.  Be yourself, but also be aware of who you are also trying to market to.

Help Your Customers Know You

By blogging daily people will become familiar with you.  They will then start making a connection with you.  You won’t be perceived as some faceless online robot, but instead as a real person.  And it is a lot easier to blog consistently when you be yourself.  Write like you talk.

Become the Expert

You don’t have to be an expert to become the expert on a topic.  Because as you write about the same topic consistently, every day, you will become the expert.  You will know more than 99% of the people looking for the information you are providing.  You will learn more as you read and write about your topic.  This will help attract even more followers to your blog.

So if you want to develop an online presence, it is extremely important to blog every day.  And be  yourself and develop your own online voice.

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Starting a Blog

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Article: Blog Daily and Create An Online Identity – Starting a Blog

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