An Expert Reveals the Best Way to Market on Instagram

An Expert Reveals the Best Way to Market on Instagram - Best Way to Market on Instagram

“An Expert Reveals the Best Way to Market on Instagram” written by Mike Marko.

We all want to know the best way to market on Instagram.

However, this will mostly depend on your brand.

What’s your business type? Who’s your target audience? There are just so many factors to consider!

Before you get overwhelmed, though — I’m here to help.

I’ve been in the industry for a really long time. I’ve worked with a lot of clients who needed a social media boost and that included one on Instagram.

In this post, I’ll talk to you about the best way to market on Instagram. I’ll show you the things I myself do to help clients get the exposure they want on this social media platform.

By following the advice I give here, you’ll discover how to elevate your own marketing on Instagram.

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The Best Way to Market on Instagram

Instagram is a platform that is rapidly evolving. That’s good in at least one sense — it means it’s growing.

But this also means that some of the things that worked in the past may not give you the same results now.

However, what I’m going to be sharing with you is the best way to market on Instagram… that’s evergreen.

When I say evergreen, it simply means that it won’t get old no matter how much the platform evolves. Following the tips I give, then, can help future-proof your Instagram marketing.

So if you’re ready, we can get started on that. Here are my tips for the best way to market on Instagram.

Optimize Your Instagram Bio

I can’t stress this enough — your Instagram bio is very important. That’s why I know Instagram bio optimization is necessarily part of the best way to market on Instagram.

When you’re optimizing your bio, you have to think about it. Your bio serves a purpose and you have to keep that purpose in mind when crafting your description.

Keep it short and sweet. It should not just be stringing together a few words that describe your brand and what you do.

Your bio should describe and represent your brand. Remember, your bio is only limited to 150 characters, so you have to be as creative as possible.

Make sure that your website link is also in your bio. This is a great chance for you to easily direct users to your website and at the same time, gain more site traffic.

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1) Select the Right Category

Don’t forget to add a category to the bio. Keep in mind that only Business Accounts have this feature.

So, if you still don’t have this, you’d better switch to a business account.

The category is also a great way to save space in your bio. Are you a public figure? A restaurant?

Whatever it is, make sure that you select the right category that represents your brand.

2) Take Advantage of New Features

Instagram also recently added additional links for business accounts. This will help free up space in your bio.

To find these fields, go to Edit Profile > Contact Options. This is where you’ll place your CTA or call to action!

And if that’s not enough, Instagram just keeps rolling out new features! Now, you can add hashtags and profile links in your bio, which is perfect for marketers out there.

Let’s say you have a number of Instagram handles to accommodate certain parts of your business. You can now add a link to your other handles in your bio.

This makes searching for your brand so much easier!

Moreover, this makes it easier for users on the platform to easily find your official handles, especially if you’re not verified yet.

3) Think Visually

Now remember that Instagram is a visual platform. That means you shouldn’t be afraid to get visually creative in your bio if you want to know the best way to market on Instagram.

You can add line breaks and emojis to your bio, for example. That is if it’ll go well with what your brand is all about.

Last but not least, your profile photo should be relevant to your company.

It can be a logo or a product photo. Make sure that you only use a high-quality photo.

All of these things matter as they’re part and parcel of the best way to market on Instagram. Remember that your bio is the first thing that people will see of you on the platform.

However, there’s more to the best way to market on Instagram than an optimized bio. You also have to think about the impression your content is making.

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Practice Authenticity Above All

When it comes to publishing content on your Instagram page, you always have to remember to be authentic.

The platform is driven by media and you can just imagine the huge amount of visual content being shared on the platform every second.

And I’m not going to lie, there’s a lot of really good content out there.

It’s so easy for users to miss your content when it’s the same as everybody else’s. You want to stand out because that’s the best way to market on Instagram.

And in order to do so, you have to be authentic on the platform.

There are a couple of things that can help you be as original as possible:

  • Do your research properly.
  • See what your competitors are doing.
  • Check out the trends — what’s trending in your niche? What does your target audience want to see?
  • Make sure that you always post high-quality visual content.
  • Always make sure that what you post remains relevant to your brand.
  • Have your own mark of creativity.

As you can see, being authentic on Instagram isn’t just about posting good photos and videos. You really have to plan it.

Why is authenticity necessary in the best way to market on Instagram? Because consumers crave it.

A survey even showed 86% of consumers think authenticity matters when they’re choosing brands to support. That figure shot up to 90% for millennials.

That’s why you need to be authentic to execute the best way to market on Instagram.

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Use Hashtags As Much As Possible

Consider hashtags your best friends on Instagram.

Because they can really be your best friend. And you can’t get away from them if you want to learn the best way to market on Instagram for most business owners today.

I suggest that you use your keywords in your hashtags. Why?

Hashtags help you easily sort out your content. This is also a great way to connect and engage with users on the platform.

So, why pass up the chance? Use this best way to market on Instagram and you’ll be reaping great rewards!

Make Use of Instagram Stories

Some of my industry colleagues say that this is the best way to market on Instagram. And it’s understandable why.

Instagram Stories has made it easier for individuals and businesses to share more content on the platform — without flooding their feeds!

Besides that, the time-sensitive nature of this content also encourages more people to watch it.

Since this feature makes sharing content easier, you should take full advantage of it. Optimize your stories!

You can do this by adding your location in the Story. You can also add hashtag stickers.

Keep in mind, the more the people engage with your Stories, the higher your chances to appear on the Explore page.

Spotlight Your Customers

Spotlighting customers is a great way to encourage engagement on the platform.

How do you put the spotlight on your customers?

It’s as simple as tagging them in your post or caption! Let them know you acknowledge their opinions.

Make sure that you reply to their comments as well — whether via Instagram Story or the comments section.

These simple actions will definitely make users on the platform feel valued. And when they do feel valued, the chances are high for you to turn them into (loyal) customers!

That’s why spotlighting your own audience is part of the best way to market on Instagram.

Go Live

When we see our favorite celebrity go live on a social media platform, it makes us feel excited. It makes us feel closer to him/her than ever.

The same goes for brands that are promoting their products/services. The “live” element can help brand representatives build relationships with their target consumers.

Going live is a great way to keep your followers interested as well.

Going live strengthens your connection with your target audience. This also lets you give them updates real-time.

It’s also a chance for you to answer their queries right away! That alone makes it one of the practices to include in the best way to market on Instagram.

Final Thoughts on the Best Way to Market on Instagram

In this post, I discussed with you the best way to market on Instagram.

You should see by now that there are a lot of practices that make up the best way to market on Instagram. Here, I mentioned the most important ones.

Follow these to come up with the best way to market on Instagram.

  • Bio optimization,
  • Using hashtags,
  • Use & optimization of Instagram Stories,
  • Going live, and
  • Being authentic on the platform.

Doing all of these things is what makes up the best way to market on Instagram.

Do you have more questions or your own suggestions for the best way to market on Instagram? Let me know in the comment section below!

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An Expert Reveals the Best Way to Market on Instagram - Mike Marko

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