Brands Showing the Best Way to Advertise on Instagram

Brands Showing the Best Way to Advertise on Instagram - best way to advertise on Instagram

“Brands Showing the Best Way to Advertise on Instagram” written by Mike Marko.

Do you know the best way to advertise on Instagram?

There’s huge competition on the platform right now. That’s why you really have to put a lot of thought into how you’ll promote your brand if you want to advertise or market on it.

One way to do that is by checking out the brands that are doing well on Instagram.

That’s because no matter what niche you’re in, it’s going to help you a lot to see how others do it. It will give you ideas on what you yourself should be doing.

With luck, this may even lead to you figuring out your best way to advertise on Instagram.

In this post, I will list some of the best brands on the platform and exactly what they’re doing to be successful on Instagram.

The Best Brands Advertising on Instagram

As I mentioned, arguably the best way to advertise on Instagram is to know how the most successful brands on the platform are doing it.

Aside from building a strong profile and engaging followers, these brands have all made use of great content.

Generally speaking, we’ll be analyzing how they produced that content or what makes it effective for those brands’ purposes.

In that way, I can show you how each company determined its best way to advertise on Instagram. Eventually, that may lead to you discovering the best way to do the same for your brand.

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Airbnb is the go-to platform to find the best places to stay in while on vacation all over the world. The platform showcases houses, villas, and other lodgings that people can use on their trips.

And what is their best way to advertise on Instagram? They highlight the most interesting, unique lodging sites all over the world.

The uniqueness of these lodgings can be expressed through visuals. Thus, Instagram is the perfect place for showing them off.

AirBnB basically gives travelers a glimpse of what they’ll see when they use the lodgings themselves.

What does that teach you when you try to find the best way to advertise on Instagram? That you should try to give others a (desirable) sense of what it’s like to use your products.

Do it in such a way that your visuals make them want to be part of the scene or situation. Remember that AirBnB’s images make people think, “I could be there.”

So to advertise your products on Instagram, produce images that make people think, “I could be doing that.”


Familiar with the saying that there’s a little kid in all of us? Playdoh’s social media marketers certainly are.

They use their product’s versatility to produce creative, original marketing material that brings the kid out in everyone.

So, what is Playdoh’s best way to advertise on Instagram? Stop-animation content.

Clay has long been used to make stop-animation videos, of course. Playdoh’s use of the medium just shows a deep understanding of how to show off its product’s value.

Showing your products in use — and in use in a creative, exciting way — can be the best way to advertise on Instagram for some brands.

That’s why you may want to follow Playdoh’s example and think of ways to showcase what can be done with your goods in visual media.

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Have you seen photos of a woman leading a man by the hand to various places? Well, if you have, then it all started with this Instagram page.

The pose was made famous by real-life couple Murad and Natalia Osmann. Their #FollowMeTo project has gained thousands of followers on the platform.

And what is their best way to advertise on Instagram? Of course, their trademark pose along with the most magnificent travel photos!

They interest a wide number of users by showing the most breathtaking photos of the world. Because, after all, who doesn’t want to see what this world has to offer?

A big part of what makes their feed successful is the intimacy of the photos. There’s a sense of involvement for the viewer, who seems to be the one being led around by the woman in the images.

Think about using arrangements like that for your Instagram advertisements. Involve the viewer in a way that resonates with him and encourages him to engage your work.

Apartment Therapy

Awareness of your brand is one of the things you want to encourage when you’re thinking of the best way to advertise on Instagram.

And when it comes to promoting brand awareness, Apartment Therapy is one of the companies to look up. Their best way to advertise on Instagram is by providing inspiration to users.

If you enjoy looking at photos of cozy homes, then this is the best Instagram account to go to. What gives the brand leverage on the platform is that they make sure that their account is indeed a source of therapy.

They do this by sticking closely to their niche, posting high-quality photos of healthy and beautiful living spaces, and being a source of inspiration.



Instagram is one of the best platforms to be in when you have an image tool for a product. And with Canva, it’s like they’ve hit the jackpot on this one.

Canva uses the platform to showcase their product’s features and templates. But what really makes them unique in terms of the best way to advertise on Instagram?

They promote artists on their account. And they really do a good job at this.

Why is it a good thing to learn for the best way to advertise on Instagram? Because it encourages the artists to promote Canva in turn.

Besides, it also gives the brand a pool of high-quality, user-generated content.


Biltwell Inc.

Biltwell Inc. is a brand that is focused on motorcycle helmets and accessories. What better way to advertise those on on Instagram than to show them in use, right?

And that’s exactly what they do. They advertise on Instagram by showing users how they can use their products.

What’s the twist? A focus on storytelling.

Biltwell Inc.’s Instagram photos don’t just show their products in use. They show them in use in specific situations, by real and interesting people, in dramatic atmospheres, and against beautiful backdrops.

They place their products firmly within stories, in other words.

This is something to think of when you’re trying to find the best way to advertise on Instagram. Stories catch people’s attention and are more memorable than simple facts.

So maybe you should try to come up with memorable visual stories to make your products more memorable.


WeWork’s focus is to provide shared office spaces all over the world.

On their Instagram page, they post photos of their co-working communities. They do it in such a way that the co-working spaces look especially attractive and fun.

In fact, a scroll through their feed is likely to make you wish you could work in spaces like theirs.

They also engage with users across the platform in various ways. For instance, it has encouraged customers to share photos with their famous slogan, “Do what you love”.

The brand has also partnered with well-known celebrities and shared inspirational videos or images on their Instagram account.

Have these techniques been effective? I’d say so — WeWork currently has 485,000 followers on its Instagram account.

This tells you that the best way to advertise on Instagram can use more than one strategy. Changing things up every now and then can also be good for stimulating fresh interest in your campaigns.


Shiseido is a brand known for skincare and makeup. They use a very interesting pattern for their Instagram marketing.

On their Instagram feed, you’ll see that when they post, they post three images at a time. This makes all the posts appear as part of a single, cohesive row.

This is their best way to advertise on Instagram. It’s unique and it keeps their content organized.

It also makes the content more noticeable. After all, instead of taking up just one square on the brand’s feed, each set of posts technically occupies a whole row.

The brand also shares engaging videos that are truly satisfying to watch. I also want to mention that their videos and images are of the highest quality… and users love that.

Final Thoughts on the Best Way to Advertise on Instagram

There are many ways to advertise on Instagram. However, each brand or user has its own best way to advertise on Instagram.

That’s why I’ve listed here some of the brands that are best at getting attention and gaining exposure on the platform. I also showed you what they do to stand out.

To recap, here are the brands I discussed above:

  • AirBnB.
  • Playdoh.
  • #FollowMeTo.
  • Apartment Therapy.
  • Canva.
  • Biltwell Inc.
  • WeWork.
  • Shiseido.

Seeing how these brands market on Instagram will help you come up with the best way to advertise on Instagram for your own brand.

Among the takeaways we’ve pulled from their activities on the platform are to use storytelling, to diversify your ad or marketing strategies, and to look for ways to source user-generated content.

If you have more questions on the best way to advertise on Instagram, just leave a comment below.

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Brands Showing the Best Way to Advertise on Instagram - Mike Marko

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