How to Have the Best Tinder Profile Picture

“How to Have the Best Tinder Profile Picture” written by Guest Contributor.

Are you using Tinder but not a lot of people are right swiping you?

First impressions are key.  It’s quite possible that your Tinder profile picture may not be serving you well.

That’s why I’d like to talk about how to have the best Tinder profile picture to get better results.

How to Have the Best Tinder Profile Picture

We spent three weeks touring China recently with our family and some of my daughter-in-law’s friends who happened to be single and were in Shanghai for the majority of their stay used the Tinder app to meet some new friends there.

What Is Tinder?

For those of you who may not be familiar with Tinder, it’s a location-based dating app that was among the first “swiping apps”, where the user uses a swiping motion to choose between the photos of other users: swiping right if you like the person and swiping left on a photo to move on to the next one. It can be a great way to meet people who are in your general vicinity.

Tinder Profile Pictures

I had a chance to look through a few of the profile pictures as they were swiping either left or right and was interested to see the variety of pictures that people were posting.

Profile pictures on ANY social media are important but especially on a dating site like tinder because you are basing a lot of your initial impression on the picture of the person.

Tinder Profile Picture Tips

Which leads me to my list of Do’s and Don’t for your social media profile picture.

Actually, post a picture. There is a really high percentage of people who STILL don’t post a profile picture on their social media or dating sites. On Tinder, it was at least 10-20%. This is the kiss of death. People want to see who you are. Please post at least one picture and three quality pictures would be even better.

How to Have the Best Tinder Profile Picture

Don’t take a picture with a beautiful girl next to you. If you’re in your 40-50’s I get it, it’s probably your daughter. Just don’t do it. It confuses the viewer and if you absolutely have to have your kids in your picture make sure you are smiling and we can see your face.

How to Have the Best Tinder How to Have the Best Tinder


Make sure we can see your face. In this picture, we have no idea what this guy looks like. At least, he is showing us what he enjoys doing but this is almost as bad as having no picture at all.

How to Have the Best Tinder

Focus.  Do take some time to post a decent in-focus picture where you are actually looking at the camera. Eye contact is important and it just shows us you took the time and effort. Chances are you will also take some time and effort on a date and in a relationship.

How to Have the Best Tinder

Do smile. And show your eyes. No sunglasses

How to Have the Best Tinder How to Have the Best Tinder Profile PictureHow to Have the Best Tinder Profile Picture

Look confident.  You don’t have to be extremely handsome or pretty, a nice, genuine confident smile can go a long way.

How to Have the Best Tinder How to Have the Best Tinder How to Have the Best Tinder

Put your best foot forward.  Don’t post goofy pictures of fish or make it look like you’re drunk. This is not the time or place to be goofy or irresponsible looking. You might attract a few people but not the kind of quality person you are looking for.

How to Have the Best Tinder

I hope this helps and doesn’t make you too stressed or overly concerned about taking the perfect picture.

Just take some time, relax, smile, make sure we can see your amazing face and you will have the results you are looking for.

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Article: How to Have the Best Tinder Profile Picture

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