Top 3 Best LinkedIn Marketing Software

Linkedin Marketing Software

“Top 3 Best LinkedIn Marketing Software” written by Mike Marko.

Thinking about using LinkedIn marketing software for your LinkedIn campaign?

LinkedIn marketing software is currently in demand. Many marketers are already on LinkedIn trying to strike up connections and get attention for their brands. Many of them also use LinkedIn marketing software to make their jobs easier.

But with all the LinkedIn marketing software emerging today, it can be hard to pick one for your use. It’d take too much time to test them all too. The time you waste on that could be time spent on your campaign instead!

That’s why I’m here to help you simplify the process. I’ll give you my top 3 picks for LinkedIn marketing software, along with what you can get out of them.

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Commonly Used LinkedIn Marketing Software

Along with LinkedIn marketing tips, LinkedIn marketing software serves as an effective time- and money-saver. The right software can provide benefits such as these:

  • It enables you to define and target your ideal customer demographic.
  • It helps you collect inbound leads.
  • It helps you build your influence, reputation, and network.
  • It improves the sharing and popularity of your content.

So LinkedIn marketing software can make achieving your goals on the platform much easier. But of course, this only happens if the following are true:

  • The LinkedIn marketing software you picked is compatible with your goals.
  • You know how to use the software.

This already tells you a few of the things you should look for in LinkedIn marketing software.

First, you want it to have a functionality that furthers or supports your LinkedIn marketing plan. There’s no point getting a tool with dozens of functions if none of them actually fit into your marketing strategy.

Second, you want a tool that’s user-friendly.

You don’t want a tool that you can’t use because its user interface is too complicated. You want one that you can navigate without needing to call customer assistance each time.

Those are points I’ve taken into account in this list of the top 3 LinkedIn marketing software. Each of them isn’t just useful but is also easy to use.

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1) LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the best LinkedIn marketing software for boosting sales.

The goal of this software is to connect buyers and sellers. This can help your sales strategies become more effective.

But just like most of the best marketing software, you need to pay in order to use its features. It has a 30-day free trial and after that, you’ll pay per month of your usage.

Though you have to pay for this LinkedIn marketing software, it’s still worth it. The tool can give you serious return on your investment.

To give you an idea of how’s that possible, here are some features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

    • An advanced algorithm to search for prospects who are best aligned with what you can offer. LinkedIn already has great targeting features, but add this to them and you can take your audience search on the platform to the next level.
    • Sales insights to help you make better decisions for your campaign.
    • PointDrive presentations that let you publish sales content people don’t have to download to view. The tool also tracks who views that content.
    • Real-time sales updates for added insight into jobs and leads.
    • CRM (customer relationship management) software integration for added convenience.

It has a host of other features besides these. Depending on your plan, for example, you also get a monthly allowance of up to 50 InMail messages per month. This can further super-charge your LinkedIn sales.

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2) HubSpot

HubSpot received the “expert’s choice award” in 2017 due to being the leading CRM app in the market. Fast forward to 2019 — and it’s still pretty good. That’s why it made the top 3 of my LinkedIn marketing software list.

HubSpot is an inbound sales and marketing platform. It helps businesses attract visitors, convert prospects into leads, and close sales.

This tool provides the following features that can help your LinkedIn marketing strategy get the best results:

    • Social Media Marketing,
    • Content Management,
    • Web Analytics,
    • File Manager,
    • Landing Pages,
    • Conversion Tracking, and
    • CTAs.

In fact, HubSpot has so many features that it would take a whole article just to go through all of them. But aside from the ones I’ve already noted above, there are a few you may want to focus on.

For instance, HubSpot helps you post content to get higher conversions. This is made possible by personalizing your landing pages. Using HubSpot, you can even optimize your call-to-action buttons.

Aside from that, HubSpot offers data-driven insight to help create a hyper-targeted campaign. It can also help with the monitoring and tracking of your social media engagement.

Hubspot can also be a great help in sales leads through its integration with Salesforce. This tool is an on-demand CRM offering applications for organizations focusing on sales and support.

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3) Keap

Why send one single email when you can set an action-based email campaign sequence?

Keap (formerly InfusionSoft) is another example of great LinkedIn marketing software. It lets you manage your business by pulling together data points related to sales, marketing, leads, payments, and your customers. It’ll let you import and store both online and offline contacts in one place.

What differentiates it from all the other tools I’ve mentioned are its automation capabilities for eCommerce. Through this tool, you can do these:

  • Directly order forms,
  • Do better payment processing, and
  • Perform easy inventory tracking.

Also, this is a perfect tool if you’re focusing more on email marketing for your LinkedIn campaign and would now like to automate your efforts.

To use it for your LinkedIn campaign, simply import your LinkedIn connections into Keap’s CRM and go from there.

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Final Thoughts on the Best LinkedIn Marketing Software

Today’s blog post talked about the best LinkedIn marketing software. Each of the marketing software mentioned has its own features. However, the end goals are obviously the same — to make LinkedIn marketing simpler and achievable.

Of all the LinkedIn marketing software existing today, I’ve given you three of the best. For a recap, here they are again:

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator,
  • Hubspot, and
  • Keap.

These tools can help you achieve your business goals and get the best results. Just choose the one that integrates best into your marketing campaign.

If you have your own suggestions for great LinkedIn marketing software, don’t be afraid to leave it below, though!

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