11 Best Business Instagram Accounts to Follow

11 Best Business Instagram Accounts to Follow - best business Instagram accounts

“11 Best Business Instagram Accounts to Follow” written by Mike Marko.

Looking for the best business Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration?

It can be hard to find these, what with how many brands seem to be doing well with their Instagram marketing now.

Still, there are a few that stand out from among the rest.

They’re the accounts that consistently produce effective marketing campaigns. They also often publish high-engagement content.

I’ve already tackled the best Instagram marketing campaigns and examples of perfect Instagram marketing campaigns in previous posts.

Today, we’ll talk about the accounts themselves that produce such campaigns.

By following the best business Instagram accounts, you’ll pick up ideas for your own Instagram promotions.

advantages and disadvantages of instagramThe Best Business Instagram Accounts Right Now

The best business Instagram accounts aren’t always the biggest brands on the platform.

Yes, the big brands usually have high-quality campaigns and content. They also typically boast large follower numbers.

But sometimes, the smaller brands actually outdo them in terms of marketing savvy.

Some small brands get amazingly good returns on their marketing investments.

These brands are surely those you should take note of to get inspiration for your own Instagram efforts.

At any rate, if you’re ready to examine them, here are 11 of the best business Instagram accounts at the moment.

1) Letterfolk

I’ve mentioned before that one of the keys to effective marketing is to make use of humor when possible.

Well, Letterfolk does that with expert panache.

The company is a relatively modest one, consisting of a couple who produce letter boards and other home goods.

Arguably their signature product is their premium handcrafted felt letter board.

So it’s what they usually have in their Instagram content.

Their feed is full of beautifully-arranged shots of the letter boards with humorous words on them.

Just take a look at these examples:

  • This one is shown with an arm in a cast: “Try snowboarding they said. It’ll be fun they said.”
  • Set amidst books, a bowl of food, and other “relaxation” paraphernalia: “I feel like I should clean my house… so I’m going to read until the feeling passes.”
  • “Me: I’m over it. Also me: Thinks about it 7,034 more times.”
  • “We’ll be best friends forever because you already know too much.”
  • “My favorite part of leaving the house is when I don’t.”

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2) Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s is one of the best business Instagram accounts to follow because it consistently does a great job showing off its products.

Just take a gander at their feed. See if it doesn’t make you feel like eating ice cream.

Part of it is through the brand often posting images of its products in snug, “homey” settings. This reinforces the association of ice cream with “comfort”.

Another part is through the visual breakdown of their products’ ingredients and the inclusion of those in the images.

For example, ice cream flavors with chocolate and cashews are often shown with bowls of chocolate chunks and cashews strewn over a table.

If you find any of the ingredients appealing, the effect is multiplied as a result.

It’s something several of the best business Instagram accounts in the food industry do.

Take note of it if you want your own account to one day be in the best business Instagram accounts.

3) Vodka for Dog People

This entry in my list of the best business Instagram accounts is technically run by a company with a separate Instagram account, Tito’s Vodka.

But Vodka for Dog People still shows a great way to use Instagram for business.

It’s one of the best business Instagram accounts because it uses a relatively low-cost promotional strategy.

It essentially piggybacks off the fondness people have for pets.

Dogs and cats for adoption (or already adopted) are shown on the account with some minor promotional item with the Tito’s brand.

So the brand manages to promote itself while also raising awareness of pet adoption.

At the same time, both causes benefit from people’s general interest in animal-related causes and content.

Other brands have used similar strategies to good effect, by the way. Another of the companies with the best business Instagram accounts, WeWork, does it through a hashtag — #DogsOfWeWork.

4) Vans

This is one of the best business Instagram accounts to follow if you need inspiration for how to promote your brand.

Vans is another of the companies nailing branding as well as product exhibition.

Practically every one of its posts showcases a product without ever losing the thread that ties those products to the Vans name and image.

That’s something you should learn if you want to eventually produce one of the best business Instagram accounts.

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5) Chanel

Chanel’s Instagram is impeccable — as fans of the fashion house might expect.

It pairs polished campaign shots with grainy “vintage” photos and background or red-carpet snaps.

What do they all have in common? An obvious nod to the brand’s luxurious appeal.

Chanel’s is one of the best business Instagram accounts because it never loses a sense of identity.

Even the grittiest of its shots still speaks of “restrained haute couture” à la Chanel.

That sort of branding consistency keeps its followers fixed.

The account’s administrators obviously know what their fans want and expect. More to the point, they never fail to deliver it.

6) Nike

Nike is often on the list of best business Instagram accounts… for good reason.

Not only does it have the most followers of any fashion brand account, but it’s also one of the best at catering to its audience.

It provides inspirational content as often as it shows off its products.

It also leverages the power of its impressive brand ambassadors regularly.

In short, it gives athletic people and sports fans exactly what they want.

As we saw with Chanel, that’s the key to becoming one of the best business Instagram accounts.

7) Dictionary.com

While most of the best business Instagram accounts made it into this list by employing a steady variety of marketing strategies, this is an exception.

Dictionary.com’s Instagram is among the best business Instagram accounts for the simplicity and effectiveness of its approach.

It typically only posts once a day, but each post unfailingly grabs engagement from followers.

The posts are just of a word for the day.

What’s the takeaway from this? That even the simplest approaches to marketing can work if they fit your brand.

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8) Sharpie

Sharpie has one of the best business Instagram accounts you can follow if you need a lesson in creativity.

A lot of business owners seem to have trouble thinking up new ways to present their products in images.

But brands like Sharpie show how to do it. It doesn’t hurt that the company’s main product can be used too to produce more appealing visual content.

Another of the best business Instagram accounts to follow for this is PlayDoh’s, by the way.

Look at their posts if you’re running dry on ideas for how to show off your wares.

9) Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane is an Australian activewear brand that has its target audience down pat.

That’s why its Instagram account makes it into this list of the best business Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration.

If you take a peek at its Instagram posts, you’ll see just how consistent it is in its audience targeting.

Every one of its posts is clearly tailored for its target audience of strong, athletic, and active women.

That sort of clarity is something you need to produce one of the best business Instagram accounts.

10) Glossier

Glossier’s Instagram account is among the best business Instagram accounts because it shows you how to keep an official company account relatable.

There’s no question Glossier’s Instagram is professional. It regularly publishes ad campaigns and marketing posts.

Yet it also publishes snaps that could almost be UGC (user-generated content).

It even releases the occasional meme or cute animal photo. It simply uses a witty caption to tie it back to the brand.

11) Vogue

Like the most-followed account on the platform (and another of the best business Instagram accounts to check out — National Geographic’s), Vogue’s Instagram draws from a seemingly endless stock of spectacular images.

It makes sense that the business would have those, of course. Vogue is after all one of the biggest fashion/beauty magazines in the world.

Still, Vogue shows how to leverage your assets for marketing.

It also doesn’t skimp on descriptions in images. Furthermore, it ends practically ever description with a call to action for the viewer to tap on the link in its bio.

That’s something to keep in mind. If you know you have more to offer a viewer in line with what you’re showing your posts, remind them of that by having a CTA.

Final Thoughts on Best Business Instagram Accounts

That wraps up my list of the best business Instagram accounts to follow for Instagram marketing inspiration.

All of the accounts I’ve named demonstrate how to make the most of the social media platform for brand exposure. Here they are again:

  1. Letterfolk.
  2. Ben & Jerry’s.
  3. Vodka for Dog People.
  4. Vans.
  5. Chanel
  6. Nike.
  7. Dictionary.com.
  8. Sharpie.
  9. Lorna Jane.
  10. Glossier.
  11. Vogue.

There are other great Instagram accounts worth following, of course. I’ll be covering more of them in later posts.

You can also give me suggestions for more of the best business Instagram accounts. Simply leave me a note in the comments!

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