How to Find the Best 6 Sigma Consulting Company

How to Find the Best 6 Sigma Consulting Company - 6 Sigma Consulting

“How to Find the Best 6 Sigma Consulting Company” written by Mike Marko.

Let’s face it—hiring people to help your business out is never an easy task. Finding the right 6 Sigma consulting company for your business is certainly a challenge.

In the first place, 6 Sigma consulting companies have been popping up everywhere. This means that your pool of choices for 6 Sigma consulting companies just keeps getting larger.

Then there’s the fact that most of these companies promise the same things. They want you to believe they can deliver the 6 Sigma expertise you’re looking for, after all.

However, every 6 Sigma consulting company is different. Each will try to integrate 6 Sigma into your business in its own way.

So, the real struggle is finding the consulting company that will work best with your business.

You also have to consider that you’ll practically hand over some business operations to that 6 Sigma consulting company. That’s a responsibility you don’t want to give to just anyone!

Today, I’ll help you make sure the company you choose is worthy of your trust. I’ll even give you a checklist in order to help you find the 6 Sigma consulting company for your business!

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Choosing a 6 Sigma Consulting Company for Your Business

Let’s start with what I always say about choosing the right 6 Sigma consulting company for your business.

Namely, that it’s not about picking what immediately looks like the best option.

Just because a 6 Sigma consulting company says what you want to hear doesn’t mean it’s the right one. That’s no guarantee you’ll get the benefits of a 6 Sigma consultant when working with it.

Before you hire a 6 Sigma consulting company, you have to do your research. You can’t just rely on what a 6 Sigma consulting company tells you right off the bat.

So what should you look out for and research about the company? Just go through the checklist below.

They Should Compliment Your Core Values

First, you should know that any relationship’s success relies on shared core values. This makes it easier for the parties involved to work together.

Identifying your own core values can be easy. Generally, these would have been established when your business began.

Thus, what you need to do now is identify each 6 Sigma consulting company’s core values.

A 6 Sigma consulting company that shares your values will be able to perform best. That’s because they can easily work with you based on that shared foundation.

That’s why it pays to clear up complexities before you start, to immediately begin working on the same page together. This can guarantee that you’ll be able to work quickly and efficiently.

One of the complexities that you should clear up is the issue of management roles, for example. That’s why you may want to settle early on who will be responsible for managing the project.

Next, you should consider the fact that any business process is bound to stumble upon problems. So, you should both agree on how you’ll approach a problem when one surfaces.

Lastly, you should make sure that they won’t sweep problems under the rug. Hence, you should also agree on when you’ll set aside work in order to solve issues.

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They Should Have the Right Attitude

Next, you should observe a 6 Sigma consulting company if they have the right attitude. Attitude might be an odd thing to observe at first, but it’s important.

This is because a 6 Sigma consulting company with a good attitude can work more effectively. Negative attitudes towards work (like laziness) will surely hinder future progress.

You should also find a 6 Sigma consulting company that is approachable. At the very beginning of your meeting, you can immediately see if they are quick to work with you or not.

This allows you to create a more lasting, meaningful, and effective relationship together. This also eliminates barriers that could stop you from fully engaging with them.

They should also be excited and be driven by passion. A 6 Sigma consulting company that isn’t fully committed to what they do hinders the possibility of actual success.

You should also remember not to settle for a 6 Sigma consulting company that is only driven by money. They should actually have a passion to ensure that they produce something good.

Lastly, they should also be able to provide you with new perspectives. This allows a break from routines that might not be working efficiently any longer.

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They Should Have Experience

Now, we all know that we should look for experience. This is understandable because we business owners wouldn’t relish the thought of working with a beginner.

Generally, you’d focus on finding business partners who have experience in your specific industry. Most people think this should always be the case when it comes to business.

When choosing a 6 Sigma consulting company, however, you can break free from that.

Experience is still a must, but it doesn’t have to be in your field. Instead, you should focus on detailed success stories that demonstrate what they can deliver.

Sustained relationships with clients also indicate that they continue to deliver good results. This may tell you they’re able to establish a working relationship that you can look forward to.

Their track record should also speak for itself in order to establish credibility. That’s why you want to check on what they’ve already accomplished.

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They Should Practice What They Preach

Finally, you should find a 6 Sigma consulting company that can practice what it preaches. This is because setting an example is one of the best ways to lead a team.

Reliable 6 Sigma consulting companies readily apply what they do to their own company. This marks their trustworthiness as well as their accountability.

This also provides assurance that a 6 Sigma consulting company really believes in what they do. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t do it to their own business, after all.

Through this, their own company can serve as a reference or part of their portfolio. You can think of their company as a reflection of what your business will set out to become.

If their own company isn’t effectively applying 6 Sigma, be wary. You’re likely better off with a different company.

Keep the 6 Sigma Hierarchy in Mind

While you look for a 6 Sigma consulting company, the hierarchy or “belt levels” should also be considered. This is because a different level might be more effective in a project or business partnership.

They all function with the foundation of 6 Sigma consulting. However, they still have different limits or specialties.

For example, Yellow Belts have basic training in 6 Sigma consulting. They have elementary understanding of quality improvement methodology in order to participate in projects.

Green Belts mostly do data collection. They work closely with higher levels while also having their own day-to-day jobs.

Black Belts help keep track of goals and deadlines in order to reach them. This means their main task is project management.

Finally, Master Black Belts are usually the ultimate go-to in order to resolve all process issues. They’re generally the ones offering solutions to teams.

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Final Thoughts on the Best 6 Sigma Consulting Company

I know looking for a 6 Sigma consulting company can seem confusing. With the many 6 Sigma consulting companies out there, it can even be tempting to just pick one at random.

However, you shouldn’t put your business in harm’s way by carelessly choosing a 6 Sigma consulting company. Instead, take steps to make sure that you’ve found the right one!

The right 6 Sigma consulting company should complement your own business values. That way, you won’t run into management bumps while you’re already working together.

And the right 6 Sigma consulting company should also have the right attitude when it comes to you and your business. You can trust them to approach work professionally.

Next, you should keep an eye on their experience. A 6 Sigma consulting company’s achievements should be your basis for evaluation, not just their experience in your field.

Finally, a 6 Sigma consulting company should also implement their practices internally. This will prove that they believe in what they do — and that what they do actually works!

It’s also worth noting that the different “belts” or “levels” of 6 Sigma consulting companies could affect your business differently. So, keep the 6 Sigma belts in mind when you choose a 6 Sigma consulting company.

All that being said, some business owners might still need more help in choosing a 6 Sigma consulting company after this. If you’re one of them (especially if you’re based in Cincinnati), don’t be shy—leave a comment below or contact me!

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