5 Key Benefits of Using Twitter for Business

Top Advantages of Using Twitter for Business

5 Key Benefits of Using Twitter for Business written by Mike Marko.

Are you considering using Twitter for business to help get new customers?

Promoting your business has been made much easier with social media platforms, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Twitter is a platform that stands out on its own.

Just like Instagram and Facebook, Twitter has a profile and newsfeed feature for its users. What differs is that Twitter doesn’t have as many buttons to click as there is on other platforms. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is much simpler and no-frills.

This less complicated platform allows Twitter users to focus on the content instead of struggling to find and understand features like with Facebook.

And just like Instagram, Twitter also has the follow feature. This is where you get to automatically see posts of those that you follow in your feed.

The massive amount of Twitter users made the social media platform popular.

Today, Twitter is no longer just about telling your friends where you are and what are you doing. Twitter transitioned to a platform that helps keep track of the latest trend, updates, and news.  Making Twitter great, not for just sharing your thoughts, but also to promote business products or services.

So, is Twitter right for your business?

To answer that, I want to talk to you about the advantages of using Twitter for business.

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Top Advantages of Using Twitter for Business

Twitter is a convenient, easy-to-use social media platform. Twitter can amuse us, and inform us about the latest buzz. But what’s more, it can give us the chance to interact with our customers.

That is why a lot of businesses have included Twitter as their way of promoting their products and services.

Together, let’s explore 5 amazing facts why using Twitter for business can make all the difference in your business marketing.

1. Works As Virtual Flyers

The use of the traditional ways of promoting your business is slowly fading. The good thing is that social media platforms became the new promotional tools of today.

Having a presence on Twitter is a great method to reach your target audience on the internet. You can let them know about your product or services by just posting tweets.

Twitter gives you real-time information. Every time you post a tweet, chances are you will receive likes and replies immediately. This feature is very useful especially if you’re advertising a promotion or a special sale.

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2. Allows You to Advertise Your Business

Many business owners use Twitter to market their business. That’s why it makes sense to use it for advertising as well.

Twitter enables you to intensify your business proposal towards your customers.  They do so by giving you an easy access to your market.

Take note though, not all business owners achieve success in advertising their products and services on Twitter.

To effectively advertise on this platform, you should have a plan and your ads should be aimed directly at your target audience.

Short and Precise Advertisements

Every time you post an advertisement, make sure that it’s short, precise, and can hook audiences. Remember, you’re on a social media platform. People are on Twitter to connect with other people, they’re not using it to be advertised.

Reach Audiences Near You

With Twitter, you can reach all potential customers near you instantly. But to achieve this, you need to make sure that you’re posing your ads directly to your target audience. You can do so by enabling the geo-targeting feature.

Other ways to target your tweets are through follower targeting, interest targeting, and keyword targeting.

Twitter has a mobile app. The mobile app allows you to post tweets anytime and anywhere. All you need is to have an internet connection.

You Can Use TweetAttacksPro

If you’re busy attending different aspect of your business, you can use various online tools to keep your Twitter page active. One of the most used online tools for Twitter is TweetAttacksPro.

The TweetAttacksPro allows you to auto like, share, and auto follows/unfollows. Though your Twitter page is being automated, your privacy and security are still assured.

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3. Twitter Will Lead Customers to Your Business

Like I’ve said earlier, Twitter can help you connect with your potential customers. Over 600 million people are currently using Twitter. With effective targeting, even reaching a small percentage of those users who are interested in your products or services, could increase your sales.

Targeting your ideal customer isn’t going to come without some using it effectively.

To reach a large percentage of your target audience, you need to make announcements and post regularly.

Make Announcements with Twitter

When you’re using Twitter for business, make sure to always give updates. Posting regularly is the key to getting the attention of your target audience.

Always post interesting tweets such as promotions, sales, or click-worthy content to get engagement from your target audience. Having engagement is the fastest and easiest way to make your Twitter page visible to your potential customers.

Also, make sure to add a hashtag to your announcements and special tweets. Adding a hashtag will make it easier for your target audience to find you.

A hashtag could be something relevant to your post or advertisement. Say, if you’re selling bags, you can put hashtags like #fashionbag #fashionista #ootd

However, be wary of using a hashtag that’s not related to your business or industry. Doing this will annoy a lot of users. It might also drive away your target audience.

Focus on Customer Experience

To get the attention of your target audience, you also need to make sure that you’re listening to them.

Always consider their suggestions and take note of their feedbacks. Doing this will make it easier for you to provide what your audience really need.

Reply to Customers Queries

Make sure to respond to your customer’s queries instantly. Don’t just observe and gather their data. Provide a friendly customer service as well.

However, don’t forget to use direct message if your conversation includes confidential information.

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4. Spy on Your Competitors

Using Twitter for business allows you to track your competitors. Looking at your competitor’s account on Twitter will help you to know their weaknesses and strengths. Doing this can give you an advantage from them.

It’ll give you an idea of how to improve your business and marketing. It will also help you better compete with the competitors. But to do this more effectively, you must first analyze their work.

Twitter can analyze data from the followers of your competitors. Not just that, you can see their strategy in advertising their products/services.

Once a failure happens in their strategy, you can find a way to avoid the failure and create a solution for it. This can help you attract their customers and turn them into your customers.

5. Provides Growth on Sales

The more followers you have, the more you can spread the news about your product and services. Getting a large number of followers increases your potential customers.

Twitter has proved to be an excellent tool in marketing a business. This is evident in many businesses in various industry. But to achieve good results from your marketing campaign on Twitter, you need to learn how to advertise.

Learn to Advertise First

You can’t just tweet advertisements on Twitter. You need to do this strategically to achieve better results.

It’s advisable to study the behavior of your audience first. See how they respond to different kind of posts. Check the time when most of them are online.

Doing this will give you know how to approach your audience. This will also help you understand when’s the right time to post your advertisements.

Earn the Trust of Your Audience

I recommend that business owners try to build transparency between them and their audience. It’s better not to hide anything from your audience to get their trust.

It’s important to get the trust of your audience because people tend to buy from businesses that they trust. With that said, be honest and open with your customers. Answer their questions. Don’t post any tweets that are irrelevant to your brand.

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Final Thoughts on Using Twitter for Business

In this blog post, I talked about the benefits of using Twitter for business. Twitter is currently one of the most used social media platforms for marketing a business.

Twitter became popular for marketers and business owners because having an account on this platform is like having virtual flyers. Twitter allows you to expose and advertise your business to its large number of users — for free.

Also, Twitter gives you access to your competitor’s data. You can check their strategies by spying on them. Doing this allows you to create a better strategy that can increase your followers and sales.

If you have more questions about the benefits of using Twitter for business, leave them in the comments below.  Be sure to check out my Comprehensive Guide to Twitter Marketing for more tips.

And always remember to think before you tweet!

By the way, if you need help in getting traffic to your website then feel free to contact me and we can talk about the different consulting options we offer. Or use the link below to apply for your “Results in Advance” free consultation and let us get started right away.

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5 Key Benefits of Using Twitter for Business - Mike Marko

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