3 Big Benefits of Facebook for Small Business

3 Big Benefits of Facebook for Small Business - Facebook for sma

“3 Big Benefits of Facebook for Small Business” written by Mike Marko.

Did you know that you can use Facebook for small business ventures?

Some people think of social media marketing as the purview of big companies. That’s because they see the big brands seeming to dominate on social networks.

But the truth is, social media marketing is hugely useful for the smaller brands too. They give even fledgling companies a chance to establish reputations with customers faster than ever.

That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to get on social media. Companies around the globe use social media marketing to boost awareness of their brand, get exposure for products, deliver customer service, and more!

Now there are many social media platforms that you can use. Facebook is one of the best, because it has so many of the consumers on it.

That’s why you should be using Facebook for small business.

In this article, I’ll show you the biggest reasons you should use Facebook for small business growth and development.

The Perks of Using Facebook for Small Business

Facebook has over a billion active users every month. Chances are, some of your target customers are among them.

That means you can’t pass up on using Facebook for small business.

That’s not the only reason to use the platform to market your brand, of course. In fact, that’s what we’re going to discuss here. Below are the perks of having your own Facebook for small business.

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It Allows Extended Reach

Facebook is one of the top social networking sites. It has enormous reach, with over 2.32 billion monthly active users from around the globe.

That already tells you how you many are using Facebook for small business. It helps them reach out to audiences and target customers they wouldn’t be able to access otherwise.

Using Facebook for small business, you can connect with customers from entirely different locales and expand your client base that way.

You can even find new partners, like suppliers or distributors for your product.

All this is made possible by Facebook’s worldwide network. You can leverage it to grow a small business easily, not least by doing the following things:

1) Connect with Consumers

There are a lot of ways to connect with others using Facebook for small business.

The most straightforward way is through messaging. Facebook has a slew of messaging features, both public and private.

In addition, you can try the following methods to connect with other users on the network:

  • Post updates on your page and encourage viewers to respond or react to them.
  • Start a Facebook Group about a topic in your industry.
  • Respond to others’ comments about you or on your page/posts.

This paves the way for you to build relationships with others on the network. These relationships can lead to a lot of good things.

It can mean more paying customers, for example. It can also help you build your reputation and establish your business’s legitimacy. It can even help you find new business partners, as mentioned before.

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2) Easy Customer Support

This is one of the best ways to use Facebook for small business in order to reach consumers. You can actually provide customer support via your Facebook account.

Start by answering your customers’ queries. Respond to those who need help using your products or services.

After that, go on to those who have complaints. This is actually a prime opportunity to show your credibility and professionalism. Address their problems as politely and helpfully as possible.

This can help even small or new businesses establish their legitimacy early on. The way you treat customers is often taken as an indication of your business’s quality, after all.

In addition, good customer service will help you win customers’ loyalty. That’s important when you’re trying to grow your company.

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It Helps with Business Growth and Improvement

In addition to helping you make connections, using Facebook for small business can do a lot to guide and facilitate your company’s growth.

When you establish open lines of communication between yourself and the consumers, you actually get access to a ton of helpful data. Among other things, you can learn these:

  • What you’re doing right (so you can keep doing it),
  • What you need to improve, and
  • What else you can offer clients.

Besides that, using Facebook for small business can help you build your business in the following ways.

1) It Can Build Brand Visibility

Being more visible on the platform can bring your brand to more people’s attention. It makes people likelier to recognize you as well as remember what you offer.

So how can you use Facebook for small business brand building? Simply, you should be as active as possible on the platform.

As I said earlier, that includes connecting with others. It also includes promoting your own content so that people can find it and learn to associate your brand with whatever topics you’re covering.

Besides that, you can use Facebook for small business advertising. This is a paid promotional option, of course. Still, if you know how to use Facebook ads correctly, it can be worth it.

2) It Gives You an Easy Way to Get Feedback

Facebook also offers users the ability to leave reviews about products and services. Make use of that feature! Reviews add credibility to your business.

A review can also serve as very strong proof of your worth to potential customers. A lot of people are on the fence about buying from a company until they find someone who can vouch for the brand.

A positive review can do that. It can bring new customers in.

This is obviously important when you’re trying to scale your business. The more customers you have, the faster your growth will be.

So make use of Facebook for small business features like reviews to encourage prospect conversions. You can also use them to guide your business efforts, anyway.

That’s because reviews tell you what customers think of your company and your product. There are few better ways to figure out what you need to do to improve your business.

Read reviews and comments to get new ideas for your company offerings and to find areas for improvement. Especially with regards to your products, customer service, and content.

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It Generates Leads

Facebook is often used to find products and brands. In fact, among US consumers alone, 78% have used the platform to discover a retail product.

This tells you a number of things.

First, that you can include Facebook as a source of leads for your sales funnel.

And second, that with the right strategies, you may be able to convert a good number of your Facebook connections to actual sales.

There are several reasons Facebook is a great source of leads for businesses. Among them is that Facebook can suggest your business page to potential customers through sponsored posts.

These suggestions allow you to reach and attract the right audiences.

For example, if you own a clothing store and a user has similar pages liked, your sponsored posts have a higher chance of appearing in their feeds.

In addition, you can use Facebook for small business to drive traffic to your website or online store. Link to it in your profile’s “About section, in your posts, and more.

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Final Thoughts on Using Facebook for Small Business

In this blog post we tackled the 3 main benefits of using Facebook for small business.

Small and new companies can get a lot out of using the social network. Among other things, it can help them catch up faster with their bigger competitors.

Using Facebook for small business is a great way for them to reach more consumers, for example. With Facebook you’ll instantly gain a wider reach when it comes to potential customers.

Using Facebook for small business can also help small businesses with their growth and improvement. It gives them access to brand-building opportunities, as well as to data that can guide their efforts at improving business operations and offerings.

Finally, using Facebook for small business is a good technique for generating or collecting leads. It’s where a lot of people go to find products and services, after all.

And that should tell you why you should be using Facebook for small business. If you have any questions about today’s blog post, don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments.

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3 Big Benefits of Facebook for Small Business - Mike Marko

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