Beginner’s Guide on How to Market on LinkedIn


“Beginner’s Guide on How to Market on LinkedIn” written by Mike Marko.

Using LinkedIn to market your business is one way to expand your reach and increase sales.

But there’s something you should know…

To get real results on LinkedIn, you need to use its features the right way.

I know how frustrating it can be when you struggle to get results despite your best efforts. I know because I was there a couple years ago.  I too struggled with LinkedIn.

So I studied LinkedIn very closely and learned the best ways to use its features.

And now I want to share what I’ve learned.

That’s why my goal today is to help you understand how to market on LinkedIn by using the platform effectively.

Simple Tips on How to Market on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking platform, just like Facebook and Twitter. The difference is that LinkedIn’s design is more focused on business and employment.

However, that doesn’t make LinkedIn less effective as a marketing platform. In fact, it has its own advantages.

With LinkedIn, you can promote your business not just to consumers but also to potential investors or partners. It’s even one of the top social platforms for B2B (business to business) marketers, according to the 2018 Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

But it’s only worth it if you know how to market on LinkedIn properly. The easiest way to do that is to get your basics right. Let’s start with the obvious: the profile and company page.

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Fix Your Account and Company Page

So you already have your LinkedIn profile and company page. You think everything’s set but don’t be too sure.

You see, one factor that might be causing your marketing efforts to underachieve is your profile. That’s because a lot of people don’t really put thought into it… even though it’s technically others’ first point of reference for them on the network.

Be Business-Oriented

Remember, LinkedIn is a business-oriented platform. So, be professional and truthful in it. This is one thing everyone should remember in how to market on Linkedin.

Don’t use a comic book character’s name as your display name. Don’t use your cat’s photo as your profile picture. And don’t put down 1428 Elm Street as your office address.

Use your real name and a high-quality, professional headshot. If you have a business address you want to share, use it.

Just remember that you want people viewing your page to take you seriously. It’s hard to do that if they see you treating even vital information as a joke.

Fill Out Your Company Page

As for your company page, it should look legitimate. For example, make sure to use images that actually represent your business for the profile picture.

Then, for the cover photo, pick something that describes your company or the services you offer. Don’t just settle for that default header image LinkedIn provides.

Fill out all important details about your business too. Give a quick summary that describes what your company does or how your services and products help consumers. Note your office’s address, contact number, website URL, etc.

If you don’t have a company page yet, you can read my blog post, Create Business Page | Increase Your LinkedIn Engagements. It can help you figure out how to start.

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Think of Your Marketing Goals

It’s important to outline your goals as these will be the foundations of your short and long-term marketing plan. If you know what you want to achieve, you’ll find it easier to come up with what to do.

What’s more, your marketing goals will help you find your target audience and think of the best ways to approach them on the platform. In short, the goals help you focus your LinkedIn marketing efforts and cut down on wasted time and resources.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Page

You’ll also need to optimize your page to reach your target audience and get their attention.

Page optimization increases your business’s visibility on the Internet. Businesses with an online presence do this to increase brand awareness and customer reach.

So how can you optimize? For starters, you can use search engine optimization and audience targeting.

Use Search Engine Optimization

One of the keys to learning how to market on Linkedin is search engine optimization or SEO. Its the most common method of increasing a website’s visibility on the Internet.

If you do SEO on your company page, you will begin to see increased traffic to your website. Paired with the right strategies, that can also lead to more profit.

Consider using the following methods to optimize your company page:

  • Use the right keywords. This is the easiest way to increase your visibility on the Internet. Use keywords that are relevant to your industry and that people would search for if they needed someone offering your services.
  • Link your website. Linking the company’s LinkedIn page to your company website is crucial for gaining leads and converting site visitors into customers.
  • Provide content. Sharing relevant content will also help improve your ranking in search results. When you share valuable and informative articles or video with your target audience, theyre more likely to trust in your business.

Be Specific in Targeting Your Audience

Aside from the SEO methods, targeting can also help you reach your preferred audiences.

Defining your target audience will allow you to make decisions based on what your ideal customer looks like. This can improve the odds of conversion and even benefits your customers by making it easier for them to find what you offer.

Don’t be afraid to narrow down your target audience. Narrowing your niche can help you identify parts of the market that — in some cases — you might even dominate.

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Increase Your Followers

Having a large number of followers will increase your chances of getting more views. It also means broader brand exposure.

The easiest way to do this is to ask your friends, colleagues, or employees to promote your page.

Encourage them to share your content on their page so that it’ll reach more people. Just make sure you add a ‘Follow’ button on your page so they will receive updates when you post.

Provide High-Quality Content

Providing high-quality content is one of the most important aspects of learning how to market on LinkedIn effectively.

Just like on other social networking platforms, you need to constantly provide compelling and engaging content to keep your audience interested and loyal. It could be articles with solid and reliable facts or inspirational/educational videos.

If your business has only a few followers, try LinkedIn advertising. Paid advertisements can help get your business in front of your competitors in search engines.

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Be Active in Your Niche

Another tip for how to market on LinkedIn is being active. By that I mean you should use your LinkedIn account on a regular basis.

Being active contributes to your authority and brand presence. You want people to know you’re currently part of your industry.

Post Regular Status Updates

Posting regularly can help build your online presence. Not only does being active increase your social proof, but it also makes people want to see your updates.

But take note, the things you post should always be of interest to your audience. Otherwise, you’re just putting out content that doesn’t really have eyeballs waiting to see it.

You don’t want to throw fliers into the wind and pray one of them just happens to land on someone interested in what they’re advertising.

Participate in Relevant Groups

Participating in relevant groups is another way to be active in your niche. Join groups related to your business and interests. Participate in discussions to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Just avoid spamming your audience. Don’t always try to sell to them because they’ll learn to ignore you if you do that. Instead, answer questions and communicate with them to build their trust.

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Final Thoughts on How to Market on LinkedIn

Marketing on LinkedIn can help your business grow. It can gain you more customers and increase your sales… BUT only when you do things right.

There are a lot of things that you can do wrong. Your profile could lack information or professionalism, for example.

You could also lack a defined marketing plan or even goals. You might have failed to narrow down your target audience and thus failed to put up the right content for them.

Fixing all of these things can make all the difference  to your LinkedIn marketing.

By the way, if you need help marketing your business, feel free to contact me or check out the wide array of services we offer that have helped many businesses grow and expand.

If you have more questions about how to market on LinkedIn, leave them in the comments section below.  Be sure also to  check out my Starter’s Guide to LinkedIn Marketing.

Be sure to also check out Pervasive Presence and learn how you can integrate LinkedIn into an overall marketing strategy.

You can also check out this LinkedIn Marketing 101 Guide for Business.

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Beginner’s Guide on How to Market on LinkedIn - Mike Marko

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