Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Page Marketing

Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Page Marketing

“Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Page Marketing” written by Mike Marko.

Are you considering using a Facebook Page to market your business?

Facebook is the largest social media platform with more than 2.2 billion users. With all of the Facebook advantages, this makes it an ideal choice to help grow your business.

Facebook marketing is a great option for startups because of its high traffic level. It can also help established businesses find potential customers by networking.

So why not use it to your advantage?

Facebook is also an important part of Pervasive Presence™ strategy for growing business.  

In this blog post, we will share the basics of Facebook Page Marketing to help you achieve success and reach your customers.

Tips for Facebook Page Marketing

There are many Facebook tools you can utilize. There’s essentially a tool for each individual business goal you may have.

Facebook has three tools which are:

  • Pages,
  • Ads, and
  • Groups.

Each tool has its own unique purpose. Since you’re just starting to use Facebook for marketing, you can begin to establish your business’ presence on Facebook by creating a Facebook business page.

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Promoting Your Business through Facebook Page Marketing

Facebook page Marketing makes people aware that your business exists. People can also discover more about your business and connect with you.

When executed properly, Facebook page marketing can increase demand from your customers and boost your sales.

But before we jump into it – what is a Facebook page?

What’s a Facebook Page?

A Facebook page is to businesses what a Facebook profile is to users. It’s an effective marketing tool as it establishes a business’ presence on Facebook and allows customers to connect.

It also serves as a medium to develop a continuous relationship between your business and customers.

If a certain audience “liked” your page, they’ll automatically receive updates which will bring them back to your page on a regular basis (who sees each post is determined by the Facebook algorithm.  For more information see the blog post, 23 Facebook Organic Reach and Engagement Tips.)

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Benefits of a Facebook Page

What makes a Facebook page better than a Facebook profile?

Unlike profiles, there’s no need to have a mutual relationship between friends when you create a page. There will also be no restrictions set on the number of followers you can have.

More importantly, it’s free and allows anybody to reach out to your business at any time. You can also share location, feedback and so on to all your customers.

A Facebook page has the following advantages:

  • Content creation tools,
  • Paid promotional opportunities,
  • Facebook Analytics, and
  • Audience targeting strategies


Let’s establish your presence on Facebook by creating your Facebook page.

Getting Started on Your Facebook Page

To set up your Facebook page, you need the following:

  • A name for your page,
  • A description of your page,
  • A profile and cover photo, and
  • A CTA button.

Once you have all of this, you then need to understand the basics of a Facebook page and its features to be able to use it to its maximum potential.

Profile and Cover Photos

When it comes to choosing profile and cover photos, make sure they are easy for your customers to recognize.

You can choose your company’s logo or your product’s logo. Your photo must be attractive, engaging and high-quality.

You also need to make sure new visitors know critical information within 2-3 seconds of landing on your page: what you do and what makes you unique.

Don’t forget to check Facebook’s guidelines on photo dimensions. A profile picture displays at 170 x 170 pixels while a cover photo displays at 820 x 312 pixels.

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Call-To-Action (CTA) Button

A call-to-action (CTA) button is an action you want people to take upon seeing your page.

You have two options to choose from:

  • Book Now, and
  • Sign Up.

CTA buttons can also be customized.

You can link a website or a certain URL to the CTA button. In this way, you’re driving traffic from your Facebook page to your website.

“About” Section

Your customers will be able to easily click on the “About” tab in the left-hand column of your page. From there, they will learn all about your company and what you have to offer.

The “About” section is where customers go to when they’re trying to get information to make their decision whether to proceed business with you. That’s why it is vital to have a detailed and interesting “About” section.

Describe your company, including your mission and goals. This way, your audience can get a sense of what your company represents. You can also add milestones and awards your business has achieved.

Photos and Videos

Visual content is necessary for any online presence. No one wants to visit a page that is plain and boring.

Visual content includes photos and videos. By using high quality content, your customers will be more likely to share it which will increase traffic to your page.

People spend a lot of time watching videos and scrolling through photos on social media. That’s why you should invest a good amount of time and resources into making eye-catching photos and videos.

Timing Your Posts

You should also consider the timing of your posts.

Posting frequently makes you look authentic and reliable. Update your page so you can maintain your customers’ interest and have a continuous relationship with them.

However, make sure you do not post too often. This could make your customers lose interest and your posts may appear as spam.

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Targeting Your Customers

Make use of Facebook’s targeting tools. You can actually target specific audiences by selecting various categories such as:

  • Gender,
  • Relationship,
  • Educational Status,
  • Age,
  • Location,
  • Language, and
  • Interests.

You can customize your posts by setting criteria. You can do this by looking for the small “bulls-eye” symbol on the bottom of the post you’d like to publish.

Pinning Posts

Every time you post new content to your page, your older posts get pushed down your timeline.

If you have an important post that you want your customers to see immediately, you can have it “pinned”. Pinned posts always stay at the top of the page even after adding new content.

Keep in mind that you can only “pin” one post at a time. So, decide on what post is the most important for your business.

Posting Mishaps

If you’re managing a Facebook page, it’s important to avoid accidentally publishing of personal content to your page.

Here’s how you can avoid it:

  • Assign Facebook page roles to specific employees.
  • Provide adequate training to your employees, especially if they’re new to social media management.
  • Always check “Page Attribution” to make sure you’re posting as your brand and not as yourself.

Private Messaging

It’s important to decide how you want your customers to connect with you. One very helpful feature of Facebook is private messaging.

This makes it easier for your customers to reach out to you. It will also make them feel valued because they will have their concerns heard and quickly addressed.

Private messaging can benefit your business greatly.

However, make sure you monitor and respond to messages in a timely manner.   Facebook will rank your response time.

Monitoring and Responding to Comments

Another way you can interact with your customers is through the comments section. You are able to monitor comments via the ‘’Notifications’’ tab.

However, keep in mind that Facebook monitors how quick you respond to your messages and comments and showcases the time on your page. If you won’t be able to answer quickly, you may want to disable this feature to keep your site from looking unreliable.

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Page Promotion

Promote your page to start building your audience and get more Page likes. This helps in reaching new customers while staying in touch with existing ones.

Create ads to promote your page. If you click “Create Ad”, you can start making a unique ad from scratch that is based on your specific goals.

After creating your ad, you can choose your target audience. You must pay for ads so make sure they are high quality and stand out to make the most out of your investment.

Page’s Insights

Facebook allows you to measure how effective your page is through the Page’s Insights.

You can analyze the demographics of your audience or see who is engaging with your page and posts. If you know the demographics of your audience, you can modify your page’s content to what appeals to them.

Final Thoughts on Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Page Marketing

Facebook is the largest social media platform with more than 2.2 billion users. This makes it one of the best sites to market your business with.

In this blog post, we offered tips on how to use Facebook Page Marketing. We explored what a Facebook Page is and how it can help your business grow.

We covered how to create your page. You start by making your profile and choosing your photos, as well as adding a CTA button. You can also promote your page by using ads, and you can interact with your audience through private messaging and the comments section.

You can evaluate how effective your Facebook marketing strategies are through Facebook Page Insights.  This will help you to modify your strategy towards those who are most interested in your business.

If you have any questions about Facebook page marketing, please leave a comment below.

Be sure to check out my article, “23 Facebook Organic Reach and Engagement Tips”.  And if you want more effect with your marketing, make sure you also check out my article, “Why Traditional Internet Marketing Doesn’t Work”.

Also check out the blog post, Complete Guide on Marketing Business on Facebook.

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Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Page Marketing - Mike Marko

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