Best B2B Video Marketing Strategies on YouTube

Best B2B Video Marketing Strategies on YouTube - B2B video marketing

“Best B2B Video Marketing Strategies on YouTube” written by Mike Marko.

It’s easier than ever to do “Business to Business” or B2B video marketing now.

Modern apps and devices are widely available that can help you make good videos. Videos themselves are more accessible too, thanks to platforms like YouTube.

That said, current tech can only do so much for your B2B video marketing. A significant part of the work is still yours, from content ideation to (branded) channel management.

Knowing the right strategies ahead of time can help you out a lot here, though. By following the same B2B video marketing strategies experts use, you get the best results.

Today, I’ll reveal those top B2B video marketing strategies. Use them in your own B2B video marketing to take it to the next level.

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Effective B2B Video Marketing Strategies

Making a B2B video marketing strategy might seem difficult at first. Many even imagine it to be more complicated than its arguably-more-popular B2C (business to consumer) sibling.

But in truth, B2B video marketing relies on a lot of the same precepts as B2C video marketing.

That’s not entirely bizarre. Companies’ decision-makers (the immediate targets of B2B marketing) are still consumers too, after all.

There are some slight variations between B2C and B2B video marketing, of course. But don’t worry, I’ll address them as I take you through my B2B video marketing strategies.

So if you’re eager to start on your B2B video marketing, let’s stop wasting time and begin!

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Create Engaging Content

Naturally, you can’t just publish any video and call it B2B video marketing. Your B2B video marketing videos need more essence than that.

You should create videos that are compelling and encourage your audience to engage with them. Don’t let them “watch-and-run” without even leaving a comment or a like!

Engagement is highly important in B2B video marketing because it helps search algorithms recognize your videos. Hence, you’ll get more exposure with more engagement.

Successfully encouraging others to engage with your content can also be the start of a new relationship. Those who engage your B2B video marketing content may be potential business partners too, after all.

Often, “vlogs” or video blogs are the go-to format here. This is because it’s easy — it’s essentially a blog showcasing knowledge that you explain to your audience.

You can also try product demos in order to showcase what you can offer. Think of this as a hands-on presentation of your products and services.

Lastly, storytelling has become a powerful tool for B2B video marketing. This is because brand storytelling adds a human element to your brand.

However, no matter what type of video you make, it should still have some personality. This is important because prospects want to see what makes you different from other businesses.

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1) Make Use of Humor

Humor is one of the tools you can use to add personality to your B2B video marketing. Humor also uplifts a situation when appropriate.

One of the best things about it is that it avoids the boring, monotone approach. It adds “color” to your content, which helps keep people interested and even distinguishes it from others.

This makes prospects less likely to see your business as “just another business”. It’s important to fight that opinion, because it makes you forgettable.

So, combat this by breaking away from serious topics from time to time. When appropriate, try to insert humor into your B2B video marketing strategy.

For example, you can insert some humor when talking about a common problem that your customers have. Doing this creates a relaxed environment where your viewers can relate to you.

When a prospect can relate to your B2B video marketing, they’ll remember you. And if you made your video enjoyable to watch, you’ll definitely leave a mark.

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2) Make Use of Emotions

Other than using humor, you can also make use of emotions. Even if it’s a stretch, you can use emotional connections to reach out to your audience.

This is because personal and emotional connections make it easier to build relationships. This can then help your audience remembers you.

However, it is worth noting that B2B video marketing is often more logic-driven than emotion-driven. So, don’t stray too far from your main goal of showcasing what your business has to offer.

You just want to support your logic with an added emotional appeal, basically. You shouldn’t supplant the logical part of your argument entirely.

For example, you can use social proof as part of the content for your B2B video. It won’t replace the parts where you show what your product or service can do… but it’s an emotional message supporting those parts nonetheless.

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Present a Problem and Solve It

Next, you shouldn’t aimlessly create B2B video marketing content without value. This is because content with value sticks with viewers better.

If you publish something that adds no value for your prospects, they’ll immediately click away. That goes against your B2B video marketing strategy.

Instead, you can talk about common problems or questions that your target audience can relate to. Then, present a way your business can help them out.

This frames your business as a brand that can solve something for its clients. Prospects want to work with businesses with value, after all.

It can also prove your insight when it comes to your industry. This is because you show that you know what your customers struggle with.

Thus, show your prospects that you own a smart and valuable business through your B2B video marketing.

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Produce Regular Content

Now, here’s a tip that most businesses tend to overlook. Despite how unimportant it may seem, you can’t let your channel go stagnant.

This is because subscribers often need fresh content to remember you. This includes businesses that are considering the possibility of working with you.

If you don’t regularly post B2B video marketing content, your prospects can easily forget about you. If you let your channel go stagnant, others might even see this as a sign that your business has nothing else to offer.

A regular uploading schedule can help your viewers remember your business. They can also look forward to uploading days if you’ve successfully established a regular upload day.

This keeps your channel and your audience engagement active. This also provides your audience with regularly-delivered, fresh knowledge.

You can then be viewed as a business that can provide them with new knowledge consistently. This is a huge advantage in B2B video marketing because clients will see you as a business that keeps on giving.

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Continuously Learn from Your Metrics

Lastly, just like in real life, you need to learn from your actions. But don’t worry, this step isn’t as abstractly philosophical as it sounds.

This just means that you should study your B2B video marketing progress. You can do this by monitoring your YouTube Analytics in order to measure your success.

Every piece of B2B video marketing content will have its own success rate. Differences in your watch time, bounce rate, engagement, and traffic can show you what you’re doing right or wrong.

For example, if your recent uploads aren’t getting engagement, tweak your call to action a bit. You can encourage your viewers to comment on the topic or share it with their friends.

As another example, if you tackled a new niche and it didn’t get a lot of attention, that’s a red flag. This means that you should probably return to your usual subjects.

If, however, a niche subject does spark more views and engagement, you should keep working on it. You can then use it as a foundation to showcase what you can offer in relation to that subject.

These adjustments and continuous improvements will further encourage other businesses to work with you. This is because it shows that you continuously adapt and improve your business.

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Final Thoughts on Best B2B Video Marketing Strategies on YouTube

B2B video marketing can definitely seem tedious to most businesses. However, I can assure you that B2B video marketing is worth all the effort!

Expanding your connections and building partnerships can help your business grow even more. However, you need to follow certain strategies to achieve this in B2B video marketing.

The first strategy is to make sure that your B2B video marketing content is worth watching. At the same time, make sure that you can showcase what your business can offer.

Next, you need to make sure that your B2B video marketing content shows your worth. If you can show other businesses that you can be a valuable asset, they’ll be running to work with you!

You should also make sure that you regularly publish B2B video marketing content. This is to ensure that you’re seen as a business that will always have something up its sleeves.

Lastly, you need to learn from your own B2B video marketing journey. Adaptability and progress is the key to showing prospects that your business knows how to achieve success.

So, stay smart while building your B2B video marketing strategy and you’ll have prospects coming to you in no time.

If you still need help with B2B video marketing, feel free to leave a comment below! You can also check out my guide to YouTube marketing for more ideas for your B2B strategies.

You can also check out other articles I’ve written on the topic, like my post on easy ways to increase YouTube video views. And if you have any more questions about how to get more views on YouTube, leave a comment below.

Also be sure to check out this Business Owner’s Guide to YouTube Marketing.

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