Are You Ready to Be Immoral?

Are You Ready to Be Immoral?

Today I’m going to ask you to consider doing something you probably don’t usually do.  Something taught by your parent’s, teachers and church, not to do.

Something a lot of people say is either immoral or unethical.

I’m going to tell you to lie.

If that’s something you’re not comfortable with…  then STOP reading here.

For the rest of you, I want you to get in touch with your inner bad self.  Here’s the reason why…

Tell A New Story

If there is an area of your life you want to change, then you need to tell a new story.

And you need to tell this new story to others.. to the point where it is something that you’ll fool your subconscious into believing.

Let me explain…

The classic book, Psycho-cybernectics, by Maxwell Maltz, says that as children we are literally hypnotized by ideas about our self-concept either by what other people have said or what we absorbed from our surroundings, and our subconscious mind took these concepts on and formed them into belief’s about ourselves.

In my own life I was put in an intermediate math section in grade school… and because of this I took on the belief that I am not good at math.  According to Dr. Maltz, with such a self definition it became a MORAL ISSUE for me.  I HAVE to be bad at math to be TRUE TO MYSELF.

So if I do well at math it would be “wrong”… and if I consider myself an honest person it would be the equivalent of stealing.

So I’m going to ask you to think of an area of YOUR life that your struggling in and see if there is a pattern…a way you’ve kept yourself in the same unproductive habits.

You might even find that you subconsciously sabotage your success and only allow yourself to go so far in your level of accomplishment in a certain area of your life because you are holding on to unconscious limiting beliefs.

So pick an area of your life and lie about it…

That’s right I said LIE ABOUT IT…pretend, play act, imagine… create a story. A future you with everything in that area exactly as you want it to be and then the next time a friend or family member calls you I want you to think about your new story and “pretend” like it’s already happened. Fib a little. Be bad… it will BE SO GOOD when you trick your subconscious mind into believing a new story.

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Article: Are You Ready to Be Immoral?

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