Advice from Anna Gerlants

Real estate agent, Anna Gerlants, champions the value of using professionals like herself for property sales or purchases. She notes that many people forgo the assistance of a real estate agent in selling or buying to save money.

However, she asserts that this is because many do not realize that hiring a real estate agent can be more cost-effective than going without one, explaining that consumers think that they can save a real estate commission by forgoing professional assistance in their real estate dealings. Actually, Gerlants can show that a quick summary of the costs and savings shows otherwise. She states that real estate commission actually pales compared to the savings those agents can obtain for their clients both in terms of money and stress.

Anna reminds us that because buying a home is a major financial and emotional undertaking. consumers should hire a real estate agent. First, when a good real estate agent is used, it is more convenient for buyers since the agent often previews the home to ensure it meets the buyer-client’s needs.

Anna points out, in addition, that an agent can find properties much faster than a buyer can by himself since much of what is available through Zillow or other online sources may no longer be available or are priced incorrectly. Also, a real estate agent’s connections can help consumers discover properties that have not yet hit the multi-list. Thus, an agent may be able to tip a client about a prime property before anyone else knows it is even on the market.

The best properties get snapped up quickly, so it’s often a question of who finds them first.

First look often means first bid on the property. Importantly, the first bid can result in a purchase agreement, especially if the agent is a skillful negotiator. A good negotiator can save money on a purchase price, can help a buyer find an inspector who meets his needs, can negotiate for a seller a better closing date, can help a seller list the house properly so it sells timely, etc.

Secondly, Anna reminds us that an agent, additionally, is a liaison between sellers and buyers and can provide a critical competitive advantage to a client. If a seller hasn’t listed with a real estate agent, they will have to solicit calls from buyers and personally answer questions, and set meetings. It can be difficult for them to qualify a buyer, and, if they have a job, even to arrange appointments.

Gerlants explains that a real estate agent does this because it is part of the job. Most buyers would appreciate such convenience.

Thirdly, Gerlants recognizes that the importance of finding a good real estate agent is because negotiating is a tricky job. She acknowledges that while people may dislike using a real estate agent, feeling that direct negotiation between sellers and buyers is more transparent, the reality is otherwise.

Attempting to negotiate with a seller without a real estate agent is a disadvantage to the buyer. Gerlants asserts that if a buyer has a professional agent, that agent can represent the buyer’s interests in an expert manner. A truly experienced real estate agent, says Gerlants, is a professional negotiator capable of defusing tension as well as carving out an advantage in any deal.

Gerlants also mentions that a real estate agent can help by speaking for a home buyer in difficult transactions, removing the tension between the two parties and avoiding the negative feelings that sometimes result, putting buyers in a better position to buy the property they want. The same is true for sellers who can hire good negotiators to represent their best interest without turning off potential buyers since the agent is not personally involved.

Finally, Gerlants claims that a good and experienced real estate agent can make all the difference in drawing up a property purchase agreement. They know their contracts well since they use the same one over and over making them familiar with the terms and conditions that will be used to protect their client. They also know not only how to explain the document but also to recommend other professionals to protect them, probably saving them money on the purchase, as well.