How to Build A Money Making Affiliate Marketing Blog

How to Build A Money Making Affiliate Marketing Blog” written by Mike Marko.

I bet you’ve probably already heard the hype about all the money you can make online in affiliate marketing.

You may have heard that if you knew the secret that you could become rich overnight, right?


There’s really no “get rich quick” scheme in affiliate marketing.  If someone tells you otherwise… run away!  Instead there is a tried-and-true path that even you can follow that will generate significant online income for you.

This tried-and-true path takes dedication, research, and work.  And if you’re ready… it’s waiting for you.

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Getting Started With Your Affiliate Marketing Blog

Let’s get started with your affiliate marketing blog.  But first things first…

Choosing What To Promote

There are two different things you can consider when picking what you want to promote on your website. Many people try to focus on what are well proven money makers specifically, while others go with what they know and love. Hopefully, you can find something that satisfies both criteria.

Of course making money is the ultimate goal, but it’s also important that you are comfortable with the products, can feature/benefit from your product(s), as well as be comfortable in answer questions about them. Having a passion for the product is a huge bonus. Your enthusiasm and conviction will come through in every post and video.

Start by selecting a good affiliate marketing program that has a proven record.  Bren and I recommend the IPAS system because of its proven record.  Combined with the profit maximizers, it has the potential to make you a significant amount of money.

Then take a look at other affiliate opportunities with companies like Amazon and Clickbank.  This will help supplement the income from your main opportunity. Decide which ones are a suitable match with your goals, the affiliate company you selected, and the overall blog niche (and your target market) and start making accounts. Sign up with all the big names, but have a clear end goal in mind.  If you haven’t determined your blog target audience yet then check out this article.

Your affiliate marketing blog should be highly focused and your goals crystal clear.

Putting Your Website Together

There are systems presently available to build websites that are super easy to use. Don’t be intimidated if you’re not a webmaster or coder because anyone can do this nowadays. You need to first start with a clear idea of the image you want to present with your site (your brand), then follow the steps to create it. Use a reliable blogging platform that offers flexibility and covers all the things you’ll be needing, like widgets and plug-ins.  For this I recommend the Influx Entrepreneur blogging system… this is the same system Bren and I use.

Play around with the blogging tools available to you until you feel comfortable creating your website.  Don’t be afraid to experiment and click buttons.

Take a look at other blogs in your niche, and make a list of what you’ll need (like an About Us page, etc.)  Test and tweak the site over time (it will always evolve over time) until it represents your best ideas in marketing, and highlights the products you want to promote.

Decide on a Linking Strategy

Building links is a very important aspect of building your affiliate marketing blog. When other sites link to your site it establishes your authority, relevance and weight in your niche. There are services that can build your link network faster and more efficiently…. But it’s extremely important that you build a link portfolio that search engines demand of the sites they rank. Otherwise, you risk penalties in the future… penalties that could wipe your webpages completely off the Internet map.

Check out the article, What is On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO – Search Engine Optimization, to learn more about how to build a link portfolio to the webpages you want to rank.

Present Your Affiliate Marketing Blog to All the Search Engines

You can blog for months and not generate any traffic to your blog.  That is because you need to be indexed with all major search engines: basically telling search engines “here I am”. There are millions of webpages and the search engines need some help finding your content.  To help with this create a site map, install the search engine analytics, and connect with social networks. Submit your site to Google, Bing and Yahoo.

You should schedule regular updates that will help keep your site active with search engine crawlers. Learn how to put Google and other search engine tools to work for your affiliate marketing blog. Although the other search engines are important, make sure you master the basics with Google to really maximize your earnings potential.

Climbing Your Way Through the Search Engine Rankings

Ranking your webpages can be a very fickle thing. You have to constantly promote your blog and static pages.  It isn’t going to be automatic… and is not something that happens simply because your site is attractive. The competition for ranking articles is pretty fierce so don’t just sit there waiting for something to happen. Do guest posts on other blogs.  Ask bloggers within your niche to do the same on your affiliate marketing blog. Increase your social networking presence.

Keep things fresh on your website by creating great content on a regular basis (I recommend daily).  Take the time to participate in forums where you know potential customers may be found. Be a problem solver for people everywhere.  If you’ve done everything right, the popularity of your site will naturally grow exponentially and your traffic will increase.

It Will Take Time

While things may not happen overnight, there is a substantial amount of money to be made as an affiliate marketer. You will find that eventually you’ll progress to the point where you have to work less to more profits come in.

Let’s Get Started With Your Affiliate Marketing Blog

You’re never going to achieve anything unless you get started today.  Your future is at stake here, and affiliate marketing can literally help you achieve your dreams.

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