Influx Entrepreneur Marketing Website – Why Should I Have a Website?

Let’s face it… websites are everywhere. It is the new norm for finding information.  You are reading this article from a website.  So answering the question, “why should I have a website”, is pretty easy…

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Why Should I Have a Website?

If you want to build or grow your own business, having your own website is key.  In this article I will first talk about why it is important, and then I’ll give my recommendation on what you should get to get you going as quickly as possible.

1. Establish a Presence

More and more people look for information or products on the internet.  You can do research on what to get, why get it, how to get the best deals, and then ultimately to make a purchase.

With a website you establish a presence and give the look of being professional and with the times.  You can then add your website address to stationary, business cards, or pretty much anything you do online.

The more people know about you and what you are promoting, the greater chance you have for attracting new people and ultimately new customers.

2. Become the Go-To Site for Your Niche

As you post more information to your website that falls into the same niche as what you are promoting, then your website becomes an authority site.  It will become the place to go for information.

And that is an ideal place to be if you want to build traffic to whatever offers you may have.

3. Educate Your Potential Customers

One of the first steps in trying to get someone to buy is to get them familiar with what you are selling… but even just as important informing them why they need to get what you have to offer.  Your readers may not even know they need what you have to offer… so you have to point out what is missing and how you can help provide the solution.

4. Build a Following

If you provide lots valuable content that helps people, then they will come back for more.  That means over time you will get more and more people to your website, and inevitably your offer(s).  You need to provide a friendly, welcoming place for people to visit that will make them feel comfortable enough to come back.  A website does that for you… it is your home in cyberspace.  It should reflect your personality, be easy to get around, and be inviting so people want to come back.

5. Get Email

A main goal of your website should be to get the email address from your visitors.  That way you can invite them back, make sure they don’t forget about you, and try to sell them products.  I don’t recommend using your website to blatantly sell products to people, but instead use your email list to do more of the promotion.  A website is a great place to capture emails for this purpose.  Remember, the biggest asset you can have online is your email list.  And you need a good website to build up those emails.

6. It is Always Accessible

A website is available 24/7 every day of the year.  It is a convenient way for people to learn about you and what you are promoting.  With today’s busy lifestyles, this is a great selling point.  Plus you don’t have to be there when people get to your site… it is self sufficient!

7. Brand Yourself

If you are marketing online using links you are promoting, chances are these business opportunities provide you with a website.  The problem is that these websites are geared up to help promote their products, and you don’t really own the advertising space.  When you own your own website you have more control over promoting yourself and building a brand around yourself so it doesn’t matter what you are promoting… you would have developed a loyal following.

Branding yourself is more about promoting yourself as the authority on a topic instead of promoting a particular company.

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Now that we talked about why should I have a website, it is time to talk about the website I recommend and the reasons why.

Advantages of the Influx Entrepreneur Website

There are a lot of advantages of the Influx Entrepreneur website over other possible platforms.  I’m only going to talk about a few.

1. WordPress Basis

First of all, the Influx Entrepreneur website is based on WordPress.  That means it is pretty easy to use, and is based on something that has been around for a while.

WordPress is also very easy to manage and update without the need to hiring a web designer… you can do it yourself!

You can also choose from several WordPress themes to help customize the overall look of your website.  And you can easily integrate your blog into your site (blogs are KEY to building your presence online).

2. It is GREAT For Ranking in Google

Bren and I have been dominating the search engines using our Influx Entrepeneur website.  It makes ranking in Google a lot easier.  

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3. Don’t Worry About Getting a Provider

While typically when you create your own WordPress website you have to worry about setting up hosting.  With Influx Entrepreneur this is already included.

4. Very Little Setup Needed

The Influx Entrepreneur website is practically turnkey.  There is very little setup to be done.  You can be ready to starting adding content within minutes of getting your site.

5. Great Alexa Ranking

I watched as the latest version of this website was launched late 2013 and saw how it quickly allowed its users to get a great Alexa ranking very quickly.  That is very important if you want to be found by Google.

6. Comes with Plugins Such as SEOPressor for Free

This system comes with a number of plugins for FREE, including the SEOPressor to help determine your SEO scoring to help ensure you get found by Google.  When you add up all the plugins and themes, this website would cost your $1,400 to setup on your own.

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7. Can Become a Membership Site

The site can be turned into a membership site so that you can charge to have access to content.  What is a better way to monetize your website than turning it into a membership site?  Have an exclusive access to information for a monthly fee?  Influx Entrepreneur makes it easy.

8. You Can Build Your Own Custom Capture Pages

Capturing email addresses to build a mailing list is an important part of building an online business.  The Influx Entrepreneur marketing website allows you to create your own capture pages to collect emails and send them to your email autoresponder.

9. Integrated Social Media Platform

The Influx Entrepeneur blogging platform has an integrated social media platform… built right into the platform.  This gives you a lot more power and flexibility than having two separate platforms.

10. Powerful Integrated Webinar System

Want to run your own webinars?  Normally you have to pay a fee… often fairly expensive, to host your own webinars that can help you capture leads and even get sales.  Influx Entreprenur has a built in webinar system.

11. It is Inexpensive

This is the best part.  For everything you get with the site, it is only $9/month.

What Is the Next Step?

If you want to have any presence at all on the internet, then you must have a website with a blog.  Period.

And after doing research, my recommendation is to use the Influx Entrepreneur Marketing website.  That is why Bren and I use it ourselves.

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