The Advantages and Disadvantages of Snapchat

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Snapchat

“The Advantages of Snapchat and Disadvantages of Snapchat” written by Mike Marko.

You may have heard about Snapchat, and are now wondering if you should be using Snapchat as a social media marketing platform for your business.

When we started marketing online, we didn’t pay Snapchat too much attention. We were primarily focused on Facebook because that was what we knew.

Turned out that was a huge mistake.

But before you add Snapchat to your marketing plan, let’s talk about both the advantages of Snapchat and, of course, the disadvantages of Snapchat.

Advantages of Snapchat vs Disadvantages of Snapchat

Before we dig deeper, let us get to know Snapchat better:

What Is Snapchat

Snapchat is derived from two separate words snap and chat. It is a photo-messaging and mobile application that allows you to share photos and videos that self destroy. Meaning, all posts you shared will be auto deleted and gone forever depending on the time limit you set to be available to recipients. It leaves you no track and worry no more knowing it will just stay for a short period of time.

Well, over 150 million Snapchat users use this mobile application to Snap with families, share stories with friends and view events around the globe. This is a great way to market your business wherein you can share a Snap picture or video maximum of 10 seconds. You can also take Snaps and stack them to create a flick-book of memories which lasts for 24 hours which is called Story.

Snap Inc., formerly known as Snapchat Inc., is a camera company featuring geofilters. It means people can express themselves in a fun, livelier way with their motto “Life is more fun when you live in the moment.” This feature includes emojis, stickers, lenses and filters to improve the quality of the picture.

Snapchat, first named as Picaboo, was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown back in September 2011. Their main concept is to delete by default any pictures and videos shared within this application.

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Advantages of Snapchat

Snapchat is considered one of the best mobile camera applications.

Within the last five years and more, Snapchat expanded to over 300 million monthly active users considering 100 million of them are daily active Snapchat users. More than 400 million Snapchat stories are created per day. An additional estimated 20,000 photos are shared every second with 25-30 minutes time spent in a day.

Another of the advantages of Snapchat is that it’s great for visually promoting your brand or products. With the use of geofilters and text, your posts can be powerful in creating your brand and take the attention across social media.

Snapchat’s self destruct feature creates curiosity to other users engaging them to view the products and services you offer. The idea of having your shared photos and videos deleted after a short time is appealing to users which is unique from other applications.

71% of Snapchat users are under 34 years old which means you get the best social marketing platform to invest in.

Snapchat takes a large volume of users which can be a good platform to market your products.

Snapchat is feasible so anyone can easily learn how to use and optimize its features. This allows you to post pictures and videos easily from your smart phones.

Snapchat lets you know who took a screenshot of what you shared that might be a potential customer.

With the auto delete feature which serves as the main concept of Snapchat, it allows you to be worry free about anything that you share.

Snapchat offers variety of filters that you can choose from to express yourselves and how you truly feel.

Geofilters are special overlays on Snapchat that show the “where” and “when” of a Snap in a fun way.

You can edit both photos and videos by adding effects, text, stickers and even with additional images which can take the attention of others.

Snapchat promotes real time happenings and connects families and friends even from afar.

The final of the advantages of Snapchat is that Snaps can also be shared to other social media accounts to build a larger number of audience.


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Disadvantages of Snapchat

The biggest of the disadvantages of Snapchat is also ones of the biggest advantages of Snapchat: It is designed to self-destruct. It leaves you no trace of what you shared, unless you take a screenshot and save it in your phone. Hence, you have to share it repeatedly to be available for others to see.

Snapchat cannot let you comment or like photos or videos unlike other social media like Facebook and Instagram. In that case you will not know who viewed your post, their reactions and what they can say, think and feel about it.

Snapchat is only an iPhone and Android app. If you have Windows mobile, Blackberry, or Linux it won’t work. That means you won’t be reaching all your target audience.

A lot of complaints have been reported due to software issues that makes its functionality not to fully work. It may freeze every time you try to make a video or the app itself crashes at times.

Snapchat can be very addictive to young and even to the old people because of the filters and Stories that are easy to get hooked on.

Since the app is designed to self-destruct, it allows users to take advantage and use this inappropriately. Some exploit by capturing screen and taking the picture in question. The file can be spread even more and can be an issue when it comes to privacy.

If you decide to advertise through Snapchat, then you will need to have enough advertising budget. You’ll need a reasonable budget to be effective with your Snapchat paid advertising. The cost for Snap Ads varies by campaign and start at $10,000/month.

Snapchat is far too costly for small and medium size businesses. This means, there is a huge market that Snapchat cannot touch which is available to Facebook and Twitter.

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Final Thoughts About the Advantage and Disadvantages of Snapchat

There you have it! We’ve talked both the advantages of Snapchat and the disadvantages of Snapchat. With the growing popularity of Snapchat you have to at least explore it for your business marketing needs. Take a look at these advantages and disadvantages and make your own decision.

If you want help in building up your Snapchat account, feel free to contact me and we can talk about the different services we offer.

And always remember to think before you post! 🙂

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