Add My Company to Linkedin: 5 Business Advantages

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“Add My Company to Linkedin: 5 Business Advantages” written by Mike Marko.

I’m already busy posting content, expanding connections, participating in groups, so why should I add my company to LinkedIn?

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself the same question at some point.

LinkedIn calls for an investment in time, and you’re already busy with other tasks. Other than that, are you sure a company page won’t have adverse effects on your reputation?

Some marketers might be thinking about things like that, but not me.

I used to have my doubts about LinkedIn company pages too. But right now, I’ve been on the platform for years — and I assure you that deciding to add my company to LinkedIn was one of the best decisions I ever made.

So today, I’ll show you how LinkedIn can bring your business advantages you probably never even thought of.

Reasons to Add my Company to LinkedIn

Having to add my company to LinkedIn is bothersome, I’m satisfied with what I’m getting now. Many marketers have this thought, but these statistics say otherwise:

80 percent of LinkedIn users connect with companies, and 50 percent are more likely to buy that company. Moreover, 10 percent of B2B leads come from a company page.

Right now, there are 26 million companies on LinkedIn. If I hadn’t decided to add my company to LinkedIn, I would’ve missed out on opportunities.

So how important is it to add my company to LinkedIn? Very, considering how many advantages there are to doing it.

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It Showcases a Company, Not a Single Employee

A personal profile IS still beneficial, but having a company page means you can blatantly promote your business.  That’s the main reason I decided to add my company to LinkedIn.

You can showcase your achievements, milestones, and even products and services instead of just individual skills or talents on a company page. It also promotes your business’s credibility.

That’s because even if you grow your “fanbase” with your personal profile, followers won’t fully trust you if they can’t look for information about your company on LinkedIn. That’s why you still need an official company account.

Besides, remember this: search engines crawl company pages but NOT personal profiles.

So having a company page is good for SEO (search engine optimization). This is just one of the many reasons to use LinkedIn for marketing.

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Employees Become Company Ambassadors

Another good thing about LinkedIn is that your employees can become your company’s ambassadors on it.

So how exactly do they become ambassadors?

After employees update their Experience section in LinkedIn with your company name, your company page is automatically attached.

If you have a company page, viewers will see your logo in your employees’ profiles. Users will then be redirected to your page if they click that logo.

Many marketers have forgotten about what their employees can do for their business. This is one of the common mistakes with LinkedIn marketing.

Ensuring that your employees link to your company page is already a big step in increasing your online presence. But there are still other steps.

Promoting Your Company’s Important News

You can also share important news about your company easily on LinkedIn.

Posting with a personal profile means the post can be lost quickly in timelines if posts from other connections arrive.

But with a Company page, LinkedIn has a feature where you can pin an update and display it at the very top of your page’s news feed.

It’ll remain there until you choose to unpin it. That means promoting an event or success story is easier and followers will always see your important updates.

This is a convenient way to prevent your company’s important news from getting lost in the continuous stream of updates.

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Measure the Effectiveness of Your Updates

Moreover, you don’t have to spend money on paid tools to run analytics. That’s because you can freely measure the effectiveness of updates (articles, status, and contents) on your LinkedIn company page.

The platform’s free analytics tools are just among the reasons I rushed to add my company to LinkedIn. They give you so much useful data.

Engagements, the number of clicks a post generated, the number of interactions received — these are just a few of the stats available when I add my company to LinkedIn.

They’re especially useful for a beginner with LinkedIn marketing because they can guide your social marketing strategies and tactics. These statistics aren’t available for individual users, though, so you need a company page to access them.

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You Get Notified When Your Company Is Acknowledged

After I decided to add my company to LinkedIn, I started getting notified whenever someone mentioned my company.

You’ll be notified when users tag your business in a post, for example. So you know whenever someone talks about you on the network.

Of course, this is pretty much par for the course on social networks now. But it’s worth mentioning because if your account doesn’t exist on a social network, you can’t be notified.

Knowing where and why users mention your company is valuable information. I only found that out after I decided to add my company to LinkedIn.

First, it let me pinpoint my customer demographic because it told me which people were often using my services.

At the same time, it gained me added exposure. That’s because other users will be redirected to your company page if they click your company name in a post that mentions you.

Considering all these advantages, there’s no doubt that a company page is one of the key elements of LinkedIn marketing.

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Final Thoughts on Why I Decided to Add my Company to Linkedin

In today’s blog post, I discussed with you the important business advantages that I got when I decided to add my company to LinkedIn, which you can experience too.

With a company page, you can stand out and be an authority in your industry… all the while promoting your business through your employees’ profiles.

You’ll also be able to keep your important posts from getting lost by pinning them on your profile page. The platform also has tools for monitoring your content’s performance and for notifying you if anyone mentions your company in their posts.

So after all this, have you finally decided to add your company to LinkedIn? Then check out my previous post about How to Create LinkedIn Page.  Be sure also to check out my Starter’s Guide to LinkedIn Marketing.

If you have more questions about why I add my company to LinkedIn, leave them in the comments below.

Be sure to also check out Pervasive Presence and learn how you can integrate LinkedIn into an overall marketing strategy.

You can also check out this LinkedIn Marketing 101 Guide for Business.

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Add My Company to Linkedin: 5 Business Advantages - Mike Marko

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Article:  Add My Company to Linkedin: 5 Business Advantages

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