Achieving Amazing Results

Achieving Amazing Results” written by Mike Marko.

As I am sitting at my computer, working away, I started thinking about how easy it would be to go to bed right now.

Bren and I have been working hard at building our business with the goal of reaching $50k/month by the end of next year.

It won’t be an easy goal, but then nothing worth striving for will be easy.

Sure I can give up tonight… and go to bed.

It’s just after midnight, after all.

And it’s only one night, right?

But you know what?

Avoiding the Cheat to Get Amazing Results

achieving-successJust like when you are on a diet;

or starting a workout routine;

or basically doing anything that isn’t easy at first…

There are plenty of opportunities to “cheat.”

It would be easy to “cheat”.

Motivational Material with Tony Robbins

This is why it is equally important to listen to motivational audio, or read books, about being persistent and working towards your goals.

Like right now as I contemplate whether I should “cheat” tonight, I remind myself of a clip from one of my Tony Robbins CD’s in my car where he says, and I paraphrase:

“People who do good work get poor results…  They don’t get recognized for their average effort.  In fact they could be fired from their job for just “good work”.

“People who do excellent work get average results.  How often have you done a really good job only to find that something seems missing… that you expected a bigger return for the effort.

“People who do exceptional work get excellent results.  They give it their 110% effort.  They give what they think is everything they can.

“But you know what?

“There is still more level to strive for….

“If you give it everything you have, and then push yourself beyond that limit and give it that extra effort above what you thought you could do, that is when you can start achieving amazing results.

Achieving Amazing Results Weight Lifting Analogy

It is like lifting weights when your goal is to do 10 reps.  You reach goal of ten (good effort) then push yourself to do that 11th rep (excellent effort).

And then you continue past to failure on the 12 rep (exceptional effort)…

And then finally do an assisted negative or two to push that last little bit out.

It is only when you push yourself beyond your perceived barriers that you can achieve the truly amazing.

Back to Sleep

So as I realize that sleep is still a couple hours away for me, I am actually glad I am going the distance.  The results will show for the effort.

Now what are your goals?  I mean your stretch goals.

What will you do to achieve them?

Do you want just poor results?

Good results?

Exceptional results?

Or do you want to go for those amazing results?

Think about this next time you want to “cheat” on your goals… is the “cheat” really worth poor results?

Speaking of Tony Robbins…

One last thing, I wanted to share this great Tony Robbins video on raising your standards and change your rituals.  I hope this video helps you like it helps me.

Here is to YOUR prosperity!


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Achieving Amazing Results - Mike Marko

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Article: Achieving Amazing Results

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