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I’m sure you want to hear all about what we’re doing online in our different businesses, but first, we’d like to share with you about who we are individually and our story of where we’ve been that lead us to where we are today.  So let’s get to answering, “Who are Bren and Mike?

Bren First

I was born in Menomonie, Wisconsin, which is exactly halfway from Cincinnati to Mike’s hometown in Canada. It’s a small college town of about 15,000 people named after a Native American Indian tribe.

I grew up on a dairy farm where I had every pet imaginable… horses, dogs, cats, geese… We also had a huge garden and a creek to swim in and my parents would make us an ice skating pond every year in our back yard.

This is us with Grandma Kadinger.

I am a middle child of three girls and like one of the most successful entrepreneurs of modern times, Bill Gates, who is also a middle child. I have a remarkable ability to think outside the box and take moderate risks, which is apparently an attributes often found in middle-borns. Did you know that no fewer than 52% of all the presidents were middle children?

I am an RN, esthetician and LMT. I like to help people, but never really felt like the medical field was my true calling.

A few years ago I pursued my creative outlet of fashion design by studying fashion design at DAPP/ University of Cincinnati for two years .

I kept reinventing myself every few years with my career because I was always searching for a way to make a living by just being me and doing what I love.

One day I wrote down what my perfect day would look like and put it on my vision board.

A couple of years later we found our home-based business and I live that life I dreamed of living.

I finally found the right vehicle to have a lifestyle of freedom to be able to work from home and travel the world.

I love to travel and my two obsessions are Civil War history and Ireland. I’ve been to Ireland three times to drive through the countryside. It’s a magical place. I once did a Civil War vacation where we toured all the battle fields and ended up in Gettysburg where I swear the ghost of Abraham Lincoln still recites his famous speech. I look forward to many more years of traveling the world. Our next big trip is China in January, 2016 for three weeks. Stay tuned for many blog posts and videos.

I have an amazing, kind, talented son who is studying Physics/ Electrical Engineering (smart too) at University of Michigan. He recently got married to the love of his life, the beautiful Shirley Mei. He just accepted an offer in Portland with Intel (his dream job) and because of our business we will be free to move there when they start having children. 🙂

So proud!

Mike’s Story

I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. After living in Winnipeg for the first four years of my life, my parents moved 30 minutes to the east of Winnipeg to live a couple miles from the town of Anola (~300 people). Brrrr!

I grew up with two other brothers. While my parents worked as accountants, my grandparents on my dad’s side often took care of us on their farm. We had a decent life living in a small home in the bush.

I learned to paint and sketch, and during the summer months I went to art camp for several years. I also really enjoyed computer programming and playing video games. I played basketball all the time. I also refereed and coached the game because I enjoyed it so much.  Secretly I loved writing… and tried to write several short stories.  But my end goal was to eventually write a book.

I did very well in school, especially during my High School years. When it came time to decide on my career I had a difficult time deciding between Engineering and the Fine Arts. In the end I decided to go with Engineering and do my art as a hobby.

I completed my Bachelors in Mechanical engineering at University of Manitoba while still living with my parents. During my first couple summers I worked in door-to-door sales at first as a vacuum cleaner salesman and then selling make your own soda machines for the home. Doing door-to-door sales was a great experience for me because prior to that I was p-e-t-r-i-f-i-e-d to give presentations, or even to approach people. Doing direct sales those two summers taught me a very important life skill.

After completing my Bachelors, I moved to Winnipeg while completing my Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

I have three beautiful daughters Tamara, Natasha and Kenna.

In Dayton I started investing in buying and renting single family homes. I also decided to lose weight, and lost around 45 lbs and 11” off my waist over 18 months!

That’s When Our Stories Merged Together

I met Bren at the gym and we moved to Cincinnati for Bren to pursue a degree in Fashion Design at DAAP, University of Cincinnati.

After adding to the number of our rental properties, we decided we wanted to diversify and we wanted another source of passive income… income that could be generated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  As luck would have it, Bren met Sam Crowley who introduced us to the word of podcasting and network marketing.  We quickly took to blogging and making videos because we love reaching out and helping other people achieve their dreams.  Starting originally with Empower Network, we grew our online marketing business and under the mentorship of Sam we started to brand ourselves.

Then days before New Years’ Eve 2014 we met Hector Guerroro.  He was about to relaunch Influx Entrepreneur after giving it an overhaul.  With the combination of Hector’s additional mentorship, and with the vast amounts of advanced online marketing training within Influx Entrepreneur, we rapidly expanded our online business.  We now have a complete package, from tons of training material to tools, we can offer you if you give us the opportunity to be your mentors.

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We look forward to an amazing future together.


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Article: Who Are Bren And Mike

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