3 Tips for Website Conversion Rate Optimization

3 Tips for Website Conversion Rate Optimization” written by Mike Marko.

You did it!

You now have visitors visiting your website.

It is a great feeling to have people visiting your website because it means that people are actually reading all that content you created.    Even if it is only 10-50 people a day… it is a start.

But what if nobody is buying?  Or even opting into your email list?

Let’s even scale this up further.

You are driving a lot of traffic to your website… but still next to nothing in results.

Website Conversion Rate Optimization

There could be a few things you can do to improve your results.

Tip #1: No Clear Calls to Action

You need to have ONE clear goal from every page on your website, whether it is a blog post or a static page.

A call to action is where you tell your reader to do something.

For example, it could be to tell them to buy something.  But it could also be to tell them to:

  • subscribe to a newsletter
  • write a comment
  • “like” the content
  • share the content
  • check out this other article

and the list goes on.

If you don’t give a clear call to action for the page (and the page actually builds up to the call to action) then you won’t have visitors doing what you would like.  Sound simple, right?

Conversion Optimization FunnelTip #2: Your Website is Too Slow

If your site takes more than 4 seconds to load, then statistics show you are going to lose visitors before they even see your site.  Therefore if you find your site is taking too long to load,  you may need to either consider simplifying the page and reducing the size of graphics and/or switching the server that is hosting your website.

For quick a quick loading website, I suggest this blogging system.

Tip #3: Optimizing Your Website Conversions by Improving Credibility

If you website comes across amateurish then people will have trouble trusting you.

Are there missing pieces of information that customers look for in your site?

Does your website have social proof?

Does the site look well put together, links are good, and there is a good flow to the page (not too cluttered or confusing)?

Keep in mind that first impressions are key.  If you give a bad first impression, then your visitor will be gone as quick as hitting the back key.

It helps to ask for a second opinion.  Have friends or colleagues look at the site and critique it.  Ask for open and honest opinions, and do your best not to act defensive.  It is not easy to hear what you need to improve on your website because it is the product of your hard work,  but if no one stays to enjoy your effort what really is the point?

Conversion Rate Optimization Wrap Up

It is important to consider these three website conversion rate optimization tips when building and improving your website.  With a little planning, thought (and a second opinion), and some tweaks, you can improve the performance of your website.

Enjoy the process, and have fun!


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Article: 3 Tips for Website Conversion Rate Optimization

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