My 6 Major 2017 Takeaways

My 6 Major 2017 Takeaways

“My 6 Major Takeaways From 2017” written by Mike Marko.

As we wrap up 2017, I’m taking the time to reflect on the past year: what’s worked, and what hasn’t worked, in my business.

By sharing my experiences, I hope that maybe you can garner a few gems to help yourself out along your journey.

While 2017 has been an amazing year for me, and IM Consultant Services, there is always room for improvement.

2017 In Reflection

So let’s start with:

1) Letting go of the wheel.

One of the biggest challenges I overcame in 2017 was that I was afraid to let go and really do what it took to massively grow my business.

I was afraid that if I just let go…

Business would explode in growth and I would be overwhelmed.

While I knew I could find a way to make it work, hire new people, etc, that fear was holding me back.

It’s taking courage, but I’m slowly letting go of the wheel and trusting that it will all work out.

The result?

This last December was the best month of the entire year.

2) Keep up producing content

For a while during 2017 I eased off on producing content. Creating content takes a lot of time, and so it was “easy” to sacrifice that in order to focus on other activities.

That’s why I started using our own blogging services to start creating more SEO content for the blogs.

I also made it a point to write at least one blog of my own each week (many later going into the book I’m writing), and to post more posts like this on Facebook. I’m also creating a lot more videos now.

I’m not just posting content… it’s content with a specific purpose according to my marketing plan.

Which leads me to…

3) Revisit the marketing plan regularly.

For a while there, while I was carefully mapping out client marketing plans, I was building my own marketing in my “spare time”. As a result, over time my marketing plan grew to have gaps.

So I took a LARGE white board and mapped out what I had today. Then took a different colored dry erase marker and identified what I needed to add and quickly made a plan to start working on the most critical elements.

The result was a much more thorough plan that has already been helping ramp up the results.

Struggling to get the business success banner - internet marketing - SEO marketing - social media marketing

4) Really think twice about “partnership” types of clients.

My strength and my kryptonite is that I like to help people. That means that sometimes I got into arrangements that aren’t as healthy for my business as they could be.

I’ve gotten into a couple of deals where I get paid on the backend for results after the launch.

In one case the launch date was pushed back over 12 months from the supposed launch date, and I really don’t see the ramp up on their end on promised ad spends, etc. It only led to my feeling used after having put time and money into things.

So I’ve learned to avoid any sort of deals like that in the future. I’m busy enough with “paying” clients that I can’t afford to divert resources.

In January I’m going to be looking very hard at everything I have going and see what make sense to keep going at the present pace.

5) Drop the bottom 10%

Over a year ago I read a book, “Million Dollar Consultant”, and one of the things that really stood out to me was where he said on an annual basis look at all your clients and drop the bottom 10%. The ideas is that by doing this you make room for new, stronger clients that will help you business grow further.

The idea is that don’t complete dump them off and have them fend for themselves. Instead you make sure that they are setup with good referrals (you can even have a transition period).

6) Keep watching for where things are moving.

I have a knack for watching trends and anticipating what will happen before it happens. It helped serve me when I bought and sold real estate, sold out my stocks before the big 2007 market hit, and even office politics back when I worked as an engineer.

The biggest trend that I acted on for myself in 2017 was LinkedIn.

While Facebook is still my favorite social media marketing platform, and I still recommend Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube (depending on the target audience), LinkedIn has really become my favorite B2B platform.

I’ve cracked the “code”, and I’ve build up a unique service that has really been able to capitalize on this platform. We’ve already started getting clients both from LinkedIn, and for using LinkedIn in their own business.

I don’t expect a huge rush of marketing there yet… but very soon.

While we build that up I’m going to keep a watchful eye on other trends in the industry and see where the “cheese” may move to next.

Have A Successful New Year!

Well those are the biggest highlights of 2017.

May 2018 be amazing for you and your business.

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My 6 Major Takeaways From 2017 - Mike Marko

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